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Xevious (Title Screen + Sprite + Color Edit)


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Here is a hack of Xevious that started out in this thread.


List of changes:

  • Replaced "Xevious" logo with one that looks more like the arcade.
  • Tweaked the Salvalou (player ship) sprite to be slightly more arcade-like.
  • Changed various colors for added detail and to make some things stand out more, such as explosions.

A side effect of making the water lighter is that the forest now shows more detail and looks much better IMO.


post-9364-0-98580100-1363654111_thumb.png post-9364-0-13397000-1363654174_thumb.png

Xevious (Title+Color Edit).a78

Xevious (Title+Color Edit).bin



Here are 300dpi color labels: 1st in original art, 2nd with blue sky, 3rd with black gradient over blue sky.

post-9364-0-05209600-1363706145_thumb.jpg post-9364-0-86109200-1363708439_thumb.jpg post-9364-0-70799500-1363708547_thumb.jpg

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Thanks guys. I really appreciate the support.


You do fine work young man, love the new Xevious. The question is how did you make this mock up (below)? And how to port it to the 1986 Xevious so I can make my Zevious? THX, BLUEman



That was a Photoshop mockup, but I could put it in the game for you if you like it like that. I suppose I could also do it in the arcade style if you'd prefer. However, I won't be able to do any more of this stuff till I get settled into my new place. I'm moving across country this weekend and life is extremely busy at the moment.

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  • 11 years later...
On 4/24/2024 at 3:59 AM, Trebor said:

Cross posted inquiry and answered in the other post.  Difficulty Switch was in the position for the buttons to fire both weapons simultaneously instead of separate assignments.

Does hacks (like for example this one) work on the 2600+?


Would they need a separate cartridge, or only to be played on real hardware?


- - -


Having played through quite a lot of 7800-titles, I’m pretty sure some of them can be significantly improved in gameplay or otherwise, with fairly simple means.

Don’t know what the interest is around here in game-fixing. 

But I think some of that would be cool, - particulary if they’d work on the 2600+.

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