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Armor Attack 7800


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I wasn't too crazy about the yellow text (especially on the splash screen)


Really, the text on the title screen ought to be differentiated. The difficulty level and player select doesn't stand out enough and is easilly overlooked as just more credits. I didn't notice the options the first few times I played.


I felt the white looked too bland and the yellow on everything looked too dark, but with the same color on all text, It's a compromise with either. I'd like to see the title logo yellow because that looks like "Armor Attack." See arcade marquee and cabinet.






The other text could be something else. The dark brown could be a good candidate. The options should be their own color so they aren't lost amid the other text. Here are a few possibilities:

post-9364-0-59444900-1365284891_thumb.png post-9364-0-53697900-1365284659_thumb.png post-9364-0-59418600-1365283833_thumb.png post-9364-0-15128700-1365283625_thumb.png post-9364-0-44209600-1365283834_thumb.pngpost-9364-0-44619200-1365284660_thumb.png

I kinda think that 3rd one looks rather sexy (it uses the light brown color). The 1st one is a good compromise for using only 2 colors for text.


IMO the score looks better yellow as well so that it stands out from the other whites on the gameplay screen. And, it just looks right to me -- probably because the score appears yelllow behind the brown of the overlay on both the arcade and the Vectrex.




Very Respectfully,


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I came to a compromise - I used the 'Dark Brown' screen for the splash screen, and the yellow looks better now. :)


Also, I fixed the 'Checkerboard' tank tread issue when they move diagonally.


EDIT - small bugfix - before starting a game for the first time, the helicopter would use the wrong bitmap for shots during the demo. Thanks KevinMos3! :)



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Thanks, HammR25 (dying to know what your username means) ;) EDIT - I've always been reading it as HammR (i.e. 'Hammer') but I'm guessing you're into Hamm radios? and R25 is a model?


I've actually fixed some more shot collision detection.


RC4 Attached!


BTW, people in PAL areas, does the game play ok in the CCII? The colors / screen size should be ok...





... the player Jeep graphics are starting to bug me.



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Nice piece of work here, Bob. Up late last night playing yesterday's version. Screen shots:


20,000 pts plus, still running good...I never cleared this level but achieved 10,000 points trying real hard.

It's the copters, they kept killing me. But no complaints. It's part of the game. Love the RED copters.



2 Player screen




1) Love the FAST jeep. I wish we could hear screeching tires at the end of a fast run and turning harshly to the left or right. When rounding a corner too tightly, the tank seems to hang up on the corner. Maybe that's a feature of the game, maybe not.

2) Is it me or is the game? Should a flashing and smoldering tank be able to shoot at you? It kills me when I die from smoldering tank fire. Not sure, but sometimes it seems that tanks die differently, some smolder for a while and some seem to die quickly. Could be a feature and so what anyways?

3) On two player, should Player 2's Score and Lives Remaining be BLUE, the color of the respective jeep? It seems like the Player 2 score is far away from Player 2's Lives remaining. Can you get a million points in this game?


I know this is Bob's game, but it may help beta gameplay verification if you could play longer.

So I modified the game to have more lives. A lot more.


NTSC ARMOR ATTACKS 04-07-2013 (modified) BINARY


NTSC ARMOR ATTACKS 04-07-2013 (modified) EMULATOR



Best TANK game I ever played.

TANK you very much for this game Bob (pardoning the humor),



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Is it me or is the game? Should a flashing and smoldering tank be able to shoot at you? It kills me when I die from smoldering tank fire. Not sure, but sometimes it seems that tanks die differently, some smolder for a while and some seem to die quickly. Could be a feature and so what anyways?


One hit disables the tank. It can still shoot unless you destroy its turret. Probably what you're seeing is sometimes you fire two shots center-mass which kills both the tank and the turret immediately.

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I'm getting a controller issue with today's build with my CC2. I can't make it happen on purpose, it seems to happen at random. Sometimes after I finish a game and start a new one the joystick makes my jeep move and the buttons do nothing. These are 7800 compatible controllers. Not sure what would happen with a 1 button controller. The only way for me to fix this is to turn off my 7800 and turn it back on.

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Thanks guys :)


@HammR25 - please try this one and let me know if it still happens. I think a variable is getting overwritten, so I moved it to another area. If it doesn't happen any more, I know that's what is happening.

@Blue Azure - I appreciate the compliments, and the attention to the game, but I would appreciate if you didn't make those kind of hacks to a game that isn't even complete yet.... Let me release it first ;)

@8Bit-Guy - This *is* the sequel ;) see the very first post for the differences.


Thanks again,




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I'm still getting that issue. I think it has something to do with pressing the second button when the menu is on screen. It's still pretty random though. A couple of times it happened when I was holding down the second button at the end of the game and absent mindedly kept my thumb on the button. The game restarted itself without me ever hitting the fire button. However, I also tried to test that situation and it still hardly ever happened.


Another weird thing that happens in the menu is if I hold down the second button long enough it shows one of the mazes for half a second and then goes back to the menu. I kind of wonder if the control map switching issue has something to do with that. I thought maybe that happens and then it thinks the fire button has been hit so it starts a game sometimes. Not sure though because I held the second button long enough to get the maze on screen and hit the fire button but it didn't do anything.

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