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Marketplace vs. Ebay to sell boxes?


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I swapped my 32X Carts over to UGC's this year, so I have a BUNCH of 32X boxes laying about. Is there any interest here for me to sell them over on the Markeplace, or should I risk eBay? Thoughts? It a lot of the commons but a few rares as well (Primal Rage & T-Mek).

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I would sell the rare stuff here so as to minimize the losses you'll have to Ebay fees and whatnot, as well as to avoid some of the sh!theads that can make Ebay a miserable place to sell on sometimes. For your more common stuff, perhaps selling as a lot might help move stuff that would garner little interest alone. And out of curiosity, do you have a price in mind for that T-Mek box?

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