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Vectrex Sound Issue


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I'm sure this is a common problem with an easy fix. My vectrex is having some sort of sound issue. I don't seem to get any sound when I turn the volume knob except at certain spots like slightly towards the middle or all the way right. If the volume knob is in any other position I get nothing (I get some static sounds when turning it though). How do I fix this?

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First the VIC-20, then the C-64, now the Vectrex. Maybe this isn't a good week for you to be touching classic systems :D

Well my Vectrex has never been 100% healthy and I haven't touched it in several years so this doesn't surprise me.

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Yeah, it appears to be that time for Vectri to need attention. I've experienced one with volume/power knob issues. What worked for me was very gently applying contact cleaner (with it unplugged and avoiding the CRT). It was a relief because that volume/power switch is very difficult to reach from the inside without completely disassembling most of the guts. Anyone going that far might as well recap the whole thing while it's dismembered.

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I agree with the contact cleaner idea, it can't hurt it, but disagree with the cap replacement.

The one I took apart and tested had better cap readings than the not so name brand ones I had on hand.

Just because they are old doesn't mean they are bad, if you have a LCR or ESR meter then yeah test them and replace if needed.

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Sounds like the same issue I have with my vectex so it must not be an uncommon problem. From my understanding in order to do any work on the interior of the vectrex you need to discharge the crt. Here is a guide on how to do that. http://www.playvectrex.com/shoptalk/discharge/discharge_f.htm


Personally this isn't something I would attempt to try. You might be better off to find a professional who has experience working on vectrex consoles to look at it. I don't find it that big of an issue and I got a decent price on the vectrex (considering the price of controllers these days) so its something I am planning on just living with.

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