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HSC10 Round 6: Catch-Up & Improve Scores + Kaz Kompo

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After an atari 8bit barbecue with friends:


Jet Boot Jack 33,000


Line runner level 3 - 134

(I think this must depends on the level, right ? ).

Atari BBQ That's a neat idea :thumbsup:

yes play any levels you like (you can miss out any you are stuck on) the # completed will count :)


I improved on Plan-B and discovered some new areas before getting stuck near the cess pit (see screenshot!) 1,899 :twisted:

I do want to like this game but you just get pummelled and accidentally killing the power ups is not fun




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Sea Quest 86510


Is there an ATR of this somewhere?

Homesoft Disk #394 has it (but 180K) let me know if you need one for a 1050 drive etc and I'll create one :)


Anyone playing Amaurote+ there is a newer "rc2" version on devwebcl's site checkout the details here I think it plays even faster, but I might be just hoping :)


Callisto 59035 stage 4 (I really like this game, feels like a classic)

Seaquest improved slightly to 118830

Midnight Magic 61500 (another good conversion from 2600)

Yes Callisto is superb (but short). I'm not so sure about M.M. but will give it another bash :)


@caco thanks for posting a few scores, not sure where your compatriots have got to?!


Want to know the meaning of life / See the Updated Tables? then it's Post #42 of course!

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Callisto completed 131375 (spoiler in screenshot)

Yes a little short, 3 or 4 more levels would make it just the right length. I wonder if the game is complete.

Well done :thumbsup:

The good thing is the game has fixed positions for baddies so will have a maximum possible score - so if I pull my trigge finger out tomorrow night hopefully will be able to give you a challenge ;)


Just been playing Asteroids but no improvement!


Completed Dhakos on Amaurote+ - will make this # of different levels completed (any # of goes)



Tables Updated

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Bioptronid Level 11 (didn't catch the score!)

Quite a fun little game but too easy for too long :ponder:

OK jdh just checked mid post to see if I had enough points for completing Callisto and... yes!! 132,660 ;)


Also improved on Plan-B 3,151 and HAR'em 30,500 and played Midnight Magic 51,220 which was ok once I worked out to go for the top colour targets - gonna have to find the instructions for the 2600 ver to see where the points are - not bad at all but Night Mission is still my favourite A8 pinball :)


Get those VOTES in for ROUND 7 folks :)






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