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Satan's Hollow demo


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I only played the arcade version a few times, but I loved building that bridge on my Commodore 64.

Here it is on the Commodore 64:


Here's the arcade version:


Here's a guy pointing a camera at the real thing:


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Great work! I'm hooked on the DPC+ kernel now and I'm never going back! :) Fantastic job on the background colors and playfield graphics to make it instantly recognizable as Satan's Hollow. I have tons of new ideas and very little time, I hope to get back to my unnamed pitfall type game by the end of the week and at least finish my first DPC project.

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Wha!?!? Amazing! It's so great how all these games thought (at least by me) impossible on the 2600 even just 10 years ago are being released and attempted. Can't wait to see more progress on this... SH has always been one of my favorite games.

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Thanks everyone (blush).

Approaching my two years here at AtariAge and wanted to show my latest idea.

I still have yet to MAKE a game. I like getting ideas, sprites, graphics and music down.

Even though it has to be stripped way back, I think with good sound, tunes, color changing sky, bridge building it could be very fun.

Wait until you see Satan! It is coming out awesome! A 150+ tall sprite, and I found an easy trick to make the bottom go up and down like the arcade!

Again, I wish I could make games fast like PAC man Plus makes for the 7800, but I'm still slowly learning.

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Sorry, SpiceWare, I don't know C programming. (But I have set it up to compile for ARM. Useless info, but thought I'd mention that.)


Here is the music when you cross the bridge. musicTrill.bas.bin

Blank screen, just bB music. This is just before I completed and fixed the end part.

Next I am going to work on picking up the bridge piece (white ball object at left side) and building the bridge (adding green / white playfield blocks at right side). Got it working with "Data Pushing" and not slow pfpixel commands.

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On the eve of my AtariAge 2 year anniversary, I thought I would post my latest Satan's Hollow batari Basic binary!

Sound effects have been crippling me, mostly because they keep triggering. Music is easy.

I got bridge building working.

If you shoot player0 (it jumps around a lot in the trick to get the formation to not flicker), a bridge piece will appear on the left.

Go over it to pick it up. You will hear a picking up sound that will repeat :mad: until you place it over the right fire pit, then hear one more picking up sound :mad:. Each piece will let you mover closer to the right.

When all bridge pieces are placed, you can move off the right side (with beautiful "masking" enabled!) until you are just one pixel on the right if you move slowly - notice it doesn't wrap back on the left - into the second screen.

The second screen plays with two channel music.

The end. That is as far as it goes. Reset will go back to f'ed up title screen or reload the game.

I wanted to get the devil moving around, but have only done the sprite and it doesn't make an appearance.



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