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Anyone live in Phoenix/Mesa area?

Miss 2600

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I live on the west side. I've seen a couple other users that live here too. Check out Bookman's when you get here. It is a great new/used everything exchange though it is better for NES and newer. I've picked up some boxed atari games there before. The Mesa location is better than the one in Phoenix IMO though it is a bit smaller. It also used to be next to one of the big comic store chains down here, but those guys closed up shop when they stopped paying taxes =(. Zia Records and Fallout Games are two other good local stores that carry older video game stuff.


I'm not really networked with anyone else in the area unfortunately. There's probably something on the east side what with the college and all.

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Umm, well it is my home lol. I haven't really moved from where I grew up :) Lots of memories here which probably colors my opinion of the city.


Phoenix is a pretty well laid out city IMO, since it is mostly a grid it is hard to get lost. Lots of restaurants lots of decent arts and cultural stuff. Though a lot of that is southwest, native American, or hispanic themed. Travel in the state is pretty fun. The I-17 runs from Tucson thru Phoenix and all the way up north to Flagstaff. Flagstaff and parts of eastern Arizona are like a completely different state, lots of green, lots of trees. Flag's only a couple hours from Phoenix so if you ever get tired of sand and cactus, there's lots of places to get away to. I spend a lot of time in Prescott when I have a chance to get out of the city because I love the historical feel of the town. Easy access to Cali, Nevada (well, Vegas), and Mexico are pluses to in my book. Between the native American, hispanic, and white immigrant influences there is a lot of culture here.



The job market can be a bit rough, especially outside of central Phoenix. Urban planning is fairly dreadful. There are lots of cities all mashed together and they all seem to want to do road construction at the same time. Politics are hit or miss. The conservative districts of the state pretty much dominate state politics and there are fewer government services than some states. The public school system is not particularly robust (though I think I got a pretty good education with lots of opportunities...I suppose it depends on the schools you send your kids to). I'm not trying to evaluate the politics here BTW, I just know I have a lot of liberal friends who couldn't get out fast enough and several conservative friends who think AZ is a mecca. The state is also fairly religious, which depending on your views on that subject could be good or bad.


Oh and the biggest con of all: we're a popular "winter visitor" aka snowbird destination. Enjoy clogged streets and crowded grocery stores during the winter months when all the seniors from the North and Canada are living here. East side isn't as bad, but I literally live across the street from Sun City, the big retirement community.


Overall, I think Phoenix is a good place to live, especially if you have steady work lined up. According to all my graphic design friends though, the graphic design community here is horrible, so hopefully that isn't what you do :P Honestly, the biggest things that people ever complain about are politics and religion but I assume that is the same everywhere you go.

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Thanks a lot for the info! I really appreciate it.


I requested a relocation with the company I work for, so I have a job right away. I'm just tired of living in Texas and want to move closer to California, where I'm from. I've always wanted to live in Arizona. I drove through Flagstaff on my way to Austin and wished, at the time, I was moving there instead. It is so beautiful. I like the southwest. So, when the opportunity to relocate presented itself, I went for it.

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