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Super Game Module second run


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Eduardo, when/if you get the opportunity, could you advise if there will be a cutoff date for the pre-order? Your work is awesome, by the way - so much better than what Coleco, et al did back in the day,

With half the SGMs from the second run already spoken for and the rest still for sale, I don't think it's in Eduardo's best interest to place a cut-off date on anything related to the SGM.

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mufla, please check the 1st post for instructions on how to pre-order.

For those who sent payment, I will be sending confirmations tomorrow. But if you got confirmation from Paypal, you should be safe.

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Hello again,


I would like to pay for a 2nd SGM... from the 2nd SGM Run but I have not heard from Eduardo. I asked about it a couple weeks ago in different threads/PM's but no reply as of yet.

I need to make sure everything's okay and that my order will be acknowledged before pre-ordering.. I can't just send the money until there is more communication.


Also, I haven't received positive feedback from the ebay transaction, an SGM I won on March 19th. I left Positive feedback the day it arrived at my door. :| No feedback received yet on my end.


Please get back to me when you get time, I'd appreciate it.




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Not at all. I can ship both units together.

Thank you Eduardo. If the window is still open for a few more weeks I will be sending you payment for a 2nd SGM as I'm currently hemorrhaging money between the ADAM for me and a SNES for the wife. Hopefully May will be alright. If it's not then I'll find the way to do it before.




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