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Super Game Module second run


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That's funny, I just sent a test e-mail to eduardo@opcodegames.com and it didn't bounce back to me. Perhaps you should try again.

Strange. I tried forwarding my message to both emails again and they both bounced. However, I started a brand new message and e-mailed it to eduardo@opcodegames.com and it went through. Thanks for sending the test e-mail.

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Has anyone who ordered a second run SGM received one yet?

I don't think he is at the shipping stage yet, for the 2nd run. I think he first needs to catch up on sending his 'payment received' confirmation emails, to all those who sent payments to him over past couple of months. (e.g. I PayPal-ed him the money 6 weeks ago but haven't received an email from him yet. I am waiting patiently. The product will be worth the wait.)
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Ok, for some updates.

I am currently completing work on Team Pixelboy games. We are very close of having all 5 games done, so it should be a matter of a couple of weeks now.

After that I will concentrate on the SGM again, 2nd run. But here is some good news. I still have about 20 modules left from the first run, so I will ship those to people in my second run list, as long as you don't need the French SECAM version. I will contact pre-orders by the date they placed their orders, which means, the first 20 people in my list. Remaining pre-orders will receive their modules once manufacturing of the 2nd run completes.

Finally, once I am done with the 2nd run, I will concentrate on my own games, namely DKA. I still have hope I can release it by the end of the year, so close of finishing the damn thing.


So that is all for now... I again apologize that things have been hit and miss since last year, but I have been through a lot of personal issues. Hopefully things will improve from now on.



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Thank you Eduardo.



Goonies, Knightmare, Twinbee, Ghostbusters, The Stone of Wisdom and Spelunker, that's 6 games... -or... ?


I will leave that to Pixelboy to answer.

However I plan to release 4 games in the short term, in some way, not sure how yet.

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Goonies, Knightmare, Twinbee, Ghostbusters, The Stone of Wisdom and Spelunker, that's 6 games... -or... ?

Here's my Team Pixelboy release plan, which is subject to change:


September 2014:

- Joust (exclusively sold at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas)


October 2014:

- Joust (wide release)

- Subroc Super Game

- The Goonies


December 2014 (Christmas Day):

- Knightmare

- TwinBee

- Jewel Panic


March 2015:

- Boxxle

- Ghostbusters

- The Stone of Wisdom

- Spelunker


There is also Front Line SCE which should be released within the above time frame, but I'm not sure exactly when yet. It will depend when Eduardo delivers the ROM hack to me.


EDIT: Forgot Ghostbusters... Fixed. :)

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awesome line up, what is the difference between cge joust and wide release joust?

No difference whatsoever. Sean Kelly (who is the main CGE organizer, if I'm not mistaken) gave me the ROM of the game with all sound effects included, and Mystery Man added a title screen to the ROM. As part of my deal with Sean, he gets to offer the game exclusively at CGE.

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