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Arcade/MAME HSC Season 5.16: Popeye

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120,600 is my entry for this week’s competition.




Popeye is another game that I’ve put a lot of hours into. My high score is just over 300,000, but that was a couple years ago before Bemani pretty much took over my video gaming time. Unfortunately, I thought Super Basketball was running for 2 weeks and just noticed this afternoon that Popeye was this week’s game.


In my opinion, levels 4-7 are the hardest. If you can make it though those with two or more lives left, you’ve got an excellent chance at 200k or higher. The reason is that Brutus’ movements are difficult to predict during the middle levels. Once you make it to level 8, he gets so aggressive that his moves become very predictable.


Tip: it takes careful timing, but you never have to chase Brutus after grabbing the spinach. This becomes critical on level 8 and up when the spinach only lasts a few seconds and Popeye spends half of that time posing. On any of the three boards, if Brutus is on the same level as you, simply wait until he is right on top of you and then grab the spinach. Notice how Popeye kicks his leg back when he punches. That movement is enough to KO Brutus before he can even start running. If Brutus is above you, just wait until he starts to jump on top of you then grab the spinach. Brutus can’t stop this move once he is airborne, but he may run if you get the spinach a moment too early. Once you get to level 8 though, you’ll almost always get him. Finally, if Brutus is a level below you, lure him into doing his jump up move. Once the animation has started for this move, Brutus can NEVER cancel out of it. This one is almost too easy. Obviously, all of these moves are easier on levels 2, 5, 9, etc., since the spinach does not move. Be careful!

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That's the end of this week's competition. No further scores will be accepted. Sorry I'm a bit behind here. At school, it's my busy season as we are wrapping up the school year. I was there most of the day/evening and I'll be doing the same today. I'll announce this week's game in a new thread, but I won't get to do any updating until I get home tonight. Thanks for your understanding and patience. :)

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