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AT Games Ultimate Portable Game Player


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I just picked this guy up. The small size actually surprised me but it is surprisingly comfortable. The response time on the controls is great vs. my Nexus 7 where the BT controller has a bit of input lag. The internal speakers are terrible though. I haven't tried it with earbuds yet.


Game roster is enough to keep me satisfied and I'm tempted to write a more in-depth review after messing with all the games, even the non-Genesis titles which are apparently all awful. After a few minutes, I'm already thinking it's a darn shame save files don't work right. The screen is actually very attractive.


Anyone else on AA have one of these?

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I've got the older RetroGen and GenMobile Firecore handhelds. I also got a Firecore Passport (from Germany) to load from SD. They're all not bad for the price... I see these as mobile devices you don't mind if you lose them, or the kids destroy them. Perhaps the biggest complaint most folks have is the FM music is always off-key. None of the AtGames/Firecore devices emulate the FM correctly. A little kid probably won't notice or care, and if you're in a noisy environment you won't care, but otherwise people bitch about the sound all the time.

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Yeah. It runs my S&K patched Roms. Blue Sphere on a handheld makes me happy. I bought the PSU and a/v cable and while I'm not to impressed by the visual quality, playing on my TV is nice.


If you have the GenMobile, its tiny screen means that many games are difficult to play unless you use the TV out and play on the TV. Some MD games are almost meant for portable players, and others are not. :)

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