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Metal Gear Solid Legacy collection


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This will be mine. I've been waiting forever to get copies of the original game (PSX version) and also the first two MSX games in one big box.


I finished every game except the 4th and I got half way through the 3rd (I know its quite possibly the best).


Any metal gear fans out there?



Official Japanese site...a historical chronological order of the games:



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Hmm, I haven't kept up with the series since MGS4 and I know a couple other games have come out since then that I wanted to play. I haven't touched Peace Walker yet. I may have to look into this package. I never got Subsistence either so I never had a chance to play the MSX originals.


Even with the ones I have played 100 times (aka MGS1 and 2) I would still get a lot of game out of this. Wonder what the retail will be.

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I'm a fan, but I only played the msx versions, gbc and the gamecube version so far. How is this version different form the hd collection? I thought the hd collection already had the msx versions? (I think solid snake for the Msx is the best 2d version. I really don't like the level based aproach of the gbc version)

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Still Portable OPs is missing, most likely because Kojima is a dick and never cares for entries he did not work on. :P


I'm a huge Metal Gear fan, but leaving Portable OPs out just sucks. It's really good game, and the canonical story between MGS 3 and Peace Walker, so buying this will still leave out a chapter of the story.

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