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Homebrew Sega Genesis/CD/32X


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I know that Chilly Willy is a small part of Homebrew for the genny, I like to know what other Homebrew projects are in the works? What are they going to use CD or Cart and for what System?(Genny? Sega CD? or 32X/CD? Maybe someone could pin this topic so we can keep up with update on the Homebrews!



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I think it would be nice to have a thread listing the homebrew games that are completed and available for sale, the homebrew games that are completed and available for download (for use in an emulator, on a flash cart, or via CD), and the homebrew games that are currently in the works.


I'd be happy to contribute to the list as I become aware of homebrew games.

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The latest compile for Wolfenstein3D and Spear of Destiny (both shareware versions) is: http://www.mediafire...5aw0n79pzngummw


That's just the binary files for both. If you want the source, you can find that in a slightly older archive here: http://www.mediafire...dl6ba78oydqy67u


The only difference is the recent build changed the size of the save ram to allow saving games on higher difficulty levels. Both use the SCD in Mode 1 for playing music (no music if no SCD or no CD in the SCD).


From my original post on the Mode 1 support: The audio CD for the games need the tracks to be in the same order as the music in the files. So while you can use the music from here and here, the tracks are out of order. They should be order like this:






























and this:



























Just make a standard audio CD with something like Nero. Don't forget to use the standard 2 second gap between tracks (that's the default in Nero).


Further note: No emulator I've tested supports mode 1 in 32X mode. Even Fusion won't handle it, so this is just for folks with flash carts and real hardware until an emulator is updated for Mode 1 + 32X support.


This is my port of Wolf3D for the PSP (which I also worked on) to the 32X. Wolf3D for PSP was based on Wolf4SDL v1.5beta. I plan on updating my port using Wolf4SDL v1.7 sometime this summer.


I noticed the readme file isn't included with the binaries, so I'll repost the readme here...


Wolf32X by Chilly Willy


based on Wolf3D PSP by Zack and Chilly Willy

based on Wolf4SDL by Moritz "Ripper" Kroll

based on the original Wolf3D by id


Source is included with this, but not needed to play Wolf3D or Spear of

Destiny. To play, load Wolfenstein3D.bin or SpearOfDestiny.bin in a 32X

emulator like Gens+, Gens/GS, or Kega Fusion. You can also write the file

to a flash cart to play on a real 32X. Carts tested include the MD-Pro 64,

NeoMyth 3-in-1, Everdrive-MD, and the MegaCart.


In game controls


Up = forward

Down = backward

Left = turn left

Right = turn right


A = run - hold while pressing a direction to move/turn faster

B = fire/select - in game is fire, in menu is select

C = strafe/open/operate/cancel - hold while pressing left/right to strafe

left/right, press when at a door to open, press when at a switch

to operate, and in menu is cancel


START + A + Up = switch to knife

START + A + Right = switch to pistol

START + A + Down = switch to machine gun

START + A + Left = switch to chain gun


START + B + Up = toggle God mode

START + B + Down = toggle keys/ammo/weapons

START + B + Left = decrease game screen size

START + B + Right = increase game screen size


START + C = bring up the game menu


With a six button controller, you also get the following controls:


X + Up = switch to knife

X + Right = switch to pistol

X + Down = switch to machine gun

X + Left = switch to chain gun


Y + Up = toggle God mode

Y + Down = toggle keys/ammo/weapons

Y + B + Left = decrease game screen size

Y + B + Right = increase game screen size


Z = bring up the game menu


START + X = quick load

START + Y = quick save


MODE = show auto-map


While in the auto-map, the following controls apply:


MODE = return to game


Up = move map up

Down = move map down

Left = move map left

Right = move map right


B + Up/Left = decrease size of map

B + Down/Right = increase size of map


C + Up = toggle show all walls/doors

C + Down = toggle show all secret push walls

C + Left = toggle show all items

C + Right = toggle show all enemies


The player appears on the map as a white "T", where the stem indicates the

direction the player is facing. Items (when shown) appear as yellow "+"s.

Enemies (when shown) appear as red "T"s, where the stem indicates the

direction they are facing. Unseen walls (when shown) are dark gray. Unseen

doors (when shown) are blue. Seen walls are gray, and seen doors are lite

blue. Unseen push walls (when shown) are brown, while seen push walls (when

shown) are yellow.




The games included here are the shareware versions of the games.


There is only one save game. There is only room in the SaveRAM for

one game. The load/save screen may still show ten, but they all load/save

the same data.


The auto-map is not saved as there isn't room. Maybe one day I'll compress

the data to fit it in. Right now, loading a save game will erase the map data.


One last thing... while the readme doesn't say so, there is support for the MegaMouse in Wolf32X. It's much easier to control the direction using the mouse than the joypad. I like to have a pad in port 1, and the mouse in port 2. I aim and fire using the mouse while moving forward or backward using the pad with my other hand.

Edited by Chilly Willy
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I'm sure it's no east task, and most people have just the Genny, but the 32X/CCD combo idea wasn't used much and some great games coiuld have been made/should be made. I never thought about it before, but yeah, every CD32X game was an FMV title. Imagine the Mortal Kombat series, SFII series, a Phantasy Star or Shining game, Doom, all with more color and cd soundtrack, plus Samurai Shodown could have scaling, the list goes on, and more original titles wouldn't hurt either.

But NoOOoooo... we got Slam City and Way of the Warrior....

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I thought the Sega CD/32X combo was just an expensive way to play Night Trap lolol


Serious them, I am definitely very enthusiastic about the 32X so any homebrew that took advantage of some of its hardware would catch my eye.


Thanks for some of the links in this thread already. I didn't know about this Fix-It Felix game. Looks like something I need to load onto my Firecore handheld

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Fix It Felix is pretty new, and he's got another in the works if you check the main page.


A few more homebrew...


Rick Dangerous for 32X (alt controls)

Rick Dangerous for 32X (std controls)


Those are both a port I did of xrick. The only difference is the first uses separate buttons for shoot/jump/bomb, while the second uses the "standard" controls where you only have one button + direction pad to trigger shoot/jump/bomb.



Homebrew by Pascal-O-Rama

Rick Dangerous MD

Teenage Queen Demo

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I can't read the site, but I love Fix it Felix! Does anyone know if a cart release is happening?


He never has before, so probably not. Flash carts for the MD are easy to get cheap, so it's not a consideration for most devs... unless they plan to go commercial like Water Mellon did with Polo Solo.

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