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TG-16 High Score Contest Parodius Da!

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Parodius Da!!!!




This is a parody on the game Gradius...a horizontal shooter..those who have ever played Gradius will grasp this game with ease.


This is a Japanese release but there have been some translations made to ease with starting the game.


I have included the rom and a text file that is the closest thing I can come to for an english game manual


Emulation is fine.. use any kind of controller set up you want...you may use continues in this game but you will want to start from the beginning for the power ups because this game gets difficult in later stages.


Start the game and choose your ship



Choose auto or manual power up configuration



We are using the NORMAL difficulty this round



Do not post any scores until May 1st...(I know I said May 2nd but that was a typo that I could not correct)



ROM: Parodius Da! - Shinwa kara Owarai he (J).zip


Text manual: Parodius Da text.txt



Contest ends May 31 Midnight Pacific Time.

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Parodius Da - 42,000



Hard to get a screenshot on this one because the score disappears so fast. Got one right before I lost my ship.


I see what you mean...hmmmm should have thought this one through a little more...any score below 57,300 will not need to post a screenshot...just write in your scores.

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