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Fallen Angels


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Here is my latest game, Fallen Angels.

It is a remake of the famous 8-bit game "Rescue on Fractalus".

You must rescue stranded pilots on the enemy planet.

This game can be loaded to the Jaguar RAM using a Skunkboard, BJL kit or a JagCD (after conversion to a CD image).




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I'm getting a lot of green screen action here, too. Only time it has worked was the very first time and also when I just switched to 50Hz, but I've had about 20 attempts to load it again without luck :/

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Nope, works like a champ on my v3 Skunk.


[edit] You know, I removed the bypass cart I'd been using to play Native and now my CD image loads perfectly, too. Everything's working fine.

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Burned the game to cd, works flawless in 50Hz. and 60Hz. no problems.

Haven't tried it with the Skunk though.


I've played a few levels, and discovered that there's lots of them.


This game is really awesome, and easy to get into!

Together with Tube SE, this shows the Atari Jaguar programming skills of DrTypo and Marcus Lösbjer.


Thank you very much guys, for this great game :thumbsup: :thumbsup:






changed the cof. file into headerless rom (JiFFI !), and loaded it on the Skunk v2.

It runs flawless in 50Hz. and 60Hz.

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