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Season 10 Round 7 - Adventure Island

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It didn't die. It's been like 2 weeks. In that two weeks, I've had to put my cat in the hospital for a week and pay about $3,500 to save his life, finish a term project for a grad class that I'm in, study for a final exam, deal with my wedding anniversary, my birthday, and my wife's birthday, fight off a cold, work on home improvement projects, and deal with the shit hitting the fan at my full-time job. What would make me happy would be to not have to explain myself and talk about details of my personal life in order to justify the fact that it's been 2.5 weeks since the last round ended and I haven't gotten to the next one, as if I owed anyone an explanation. I am a very busy person, but I try to keep this going because people seem to enjoy it. But sometimes it has to take a back seat to real life.


The thing that annoys me is that no one ever sees that maybe there is a delay, and PMs me offering to help. They just make unhelpful posts like the one above. Or they do PM, but then flake when I take them up on their offer. There is nothing stopping anyone from posting up the next round. The list of this season's games is in the suggestion thread, and anyone who wants to can create threads in this forum.


So I'm saying it now: Someone post the next round. Pick one of the games off of the list in the suggestion thread, or go rogue and pick something else. But tabulate the scores from this round and update the season standings. Please don't create the thread if you aren't going to do it properly. Once I see that it's done, I'll un-sticky this one and sticky the new one.



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Definitely take care of your family and yourself. Sorry to hear you are going through so much right now. I'm happy to hear your cat is going to be okay. Not sure what it means to you, but I'll be sending some positive energy your way. I hope everything works out.

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I'm sorry you took my comment offensively and that you're experiencing difficulties but when no input whatsoever occurs for an extended period it leaves the impression that it's been abandoned. There's no expectation for you to explain about your private life and/or obstacles but simply a basic statement such as "I am a bit overwhelmed/busy as of late so there will be an extended pause in the activities. Or perhaps asking for assistance like you did above. Again, I mean no offense and hope that all will be well with you soon.

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