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standard kernel mod - colorplayers


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Thought I'd share this standard kernel mod which I developed a while back for Christmas Adventure... it features color lists for both players, no_blank_lines, and a ball. The trade-offs are the loss of both missiles and the center bytes of the playfield are symmetric.


To use it, just dump the contents of the zip in your project directory and use the same kernel options as the example or else bad things will happen - I'm talking Greg-Brady-finds-a-cursed-tiki bad, so don't risk it!


The mod is based on an early 1.1 standard kernel, but should work fine with any recent version. Feel free to use with or without superchip.


The example program also features bounce-slide collision detection without pfread commands, ala Adventure, just for the heck of it.







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Thanks for your time and effort. You too R.T. for updating your pages.


It takes skill and creativity to find a sacrifice that people can live with. The playfield blocks in the middle is more than acceptable.


Next up: Make MrSQLs extended scrolling playfield assembly example into a fully integrated bB kernel :)

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