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Arcade/MAME HSC Season 5.19: Timber

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Not going to bother with all the fancy stuff: Here's the High score table and points leaderboard. New game going up tomorrow morning.


High Scores:


1. 189,945 patbb [+15]

2. 179,000 Vaughn [+14]

3. 173,490 Cynicaster [+13]

4. 169,705 Kane [+12]

5. 132,500 Fallout_002 [+11]

6. 127,245 Darrin9999 [+10]

7. 91,790 M.A.M.E. Offender [+9]

8. 73,155 S.BAZ [+8]

9. 72,750 hepcat [+7]

10. 70,950 roadrunner [+6]

11. 70,305 asponge [+5]

11. 62,990 Darthkur [+4]

12. 62,470 LarcenTyler [+3]

13. 46,555 BillyHW [+2]

14. 24,575 jblenkle [+1]


Points Leaderboard (includes points earned from Timber):


1. patbb [272]

2. kane [245]

3. Cynicaster [198]

4. bigbee99 [197]

5. Deteacher [196]

6. M.A.M.E. Offender [194]

7. Fallout_002 [139]

8. darthkur [130]

9. asponge [107]

10. hepcat [103]

11. NIKON [91]

12. darrin9999 [91]

13. JohnnyBlaze [79]

14. Mangia-Boy [73]

15. roadrunner [67]

16. kloverz178 [62]

17. onmode-ky [51]

18. Jblenkle [43]

19. Classicgamer_277330 [35]

20. S.BAZ [35]

21. BillyHW [22]

22. Vocelli [21]

23. mr. toast [20]

24. Homerwannabe [18]

25. LarcenTyler [15]

26. Vaughn [14]

27. racerx [13]

28. NE146 [11]

29. MisterVCS [10]

30. Beaver On The Wood [9]

31. Wispfollower [8]

32. Mingy Jongo [5]

33. Liduario [5]

34. Wolfman24 [3]

35. retrorussell [1]

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Some info on this game, Timber was the sequel to Tapper





The player assumes the role of a lumberjack in the game. He or she has a limited amount of time to chop down a given number of trees that sequentially pop up from the ground. The controls consist of two joysticks, with one controlling the player's movement and the other corresponding to left or right chops with the player's axe. Difficulty increases with each level since the number of trees to chop down slightly increases (maxing out at 19) and the allotted time slightly decreases. While playing, the player must avoid beehives that are thrown by bears or lose a life. These beehives, however, can be destroyed with the player's axe for a 500-point reward. Some trees contain birds that will run around the level after they have been chopped down, yielding 1,000 points if touched by the player.

Every couple of levels, the player is given the opportunity to amass bonus points. He or she begins by standing on a floating log. As the log begins to rotate, players must make use of their reflexes to stay on top of the log. The first two times this is played, the log is relatively large; on future attempts, the size of the log shrinks considerably. This minigame ends if the player falls off the log or he or she balances atop it for a certain amount of time (in which case 1,000 bonus points are earned).

The game also features two-player simultaneous multiplayer, and can be played competitively or cooperatively. In this mode, chopping or pushing down a tree such that it falls on the opponent awards you with 1,000 points.






The cabinet of all the Timber arcade games were originally either a Tapper or a Root Beer Tapper cabinet, both also made by Bally Midway. Timber was included in 2004's Midway Arcade Treasures 2, a compilation disc of Midway Games games for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube.


Competitive Play


The current world record holder for highest score is Don Duwelius with a high score of 6,013,515.

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Mixed opinions on this one.


I don`t care for the four way controlling on your character. It gets very annoying after awhile.


I like the battle against the clock idea. I noticed you max out at 19 trees. You have to be very efficient with your time at this point.


Anyways, here`s my first crap score:







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I haven't forgotten about this...I promise. I have a performance tonight and another one on Monday night, then I will have some free time to get caught up. I have to run. I'll pop on long enough tomorrow morning to get the new game posted, but there won't be any major updates until Tuesday. Thanks for your patience. :)

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I've heard of Timber here and there over the years but this contest is my first time ever playing it. I like it a lot, despite a few gripes.


I agree with M.O. that the 4-way control is a bit awkward, as is usually the case in games with 4-way controls where the playfield doesn't have a defined "maze" (anyone recall Dig Dug 2 from last season?). Anyway, it's pretty typical for the time, and I think the game might actually be harder if diagonals were allowed because it'd be hard to judge perspective in dodging those damn beehives.


Unless there is some trick or technique I'm missing, it seems you pretty much have to bust your ass full bore at tree chopping on level 8 and up or you'll run out of time.


Which brings me to the one thing I think is utterly stupid about the design of this game: if you get hit by a beehive, you lose a life and have to sit there watching that silly polka-dot underwear animation while your clock continues to run down. Then, if you fail to get all the trees in time, you lose another life. Practically speaking, what this means is that if you get hit by a beehive on level 8 and up, it's going to cost you 2 lives no matter what. The problem is mitigated somewhat by the doling out of free lives but still, it seems cheap. I think it'd be better if the level (and timer) started all over again when you die, a la Donkey Kong. I'm sure it was done the cheap way to shorten games and therefore increase the rate of quarter intake. Again, typical for the time.


Oh yeah:


"Player 1 you lasted 3 seconds."


That's what she said.


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