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anyone willing to make a controller test cart?

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Same for me. A board with CPLD to handle address and data multiplexing, maybe jumper or DIP switch to set ROM size and type, and sockets for EPROM.


I wanted to build one of MTE-201 but the schematic for using discrete logic chips is complicated to build.


I can program the CPLD, you got a schematic?

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The only one I know of for EPROM cart is http://atariage.com/...e/#entry2046297 (requires old style DOS text viewer to view ASCII arts)


I don't know how to convert that to something for CPLD since I haven't used it before. PAL/CPLD/FPGA learning is on my future to-do list.


Quartus II has scematic editor. That is what I did for the controller logic. It is just a bunch of gates all virually wired. That part was super easy. I plan on learning VHDL, but that's down the road. If you find an editor program to view this. I can look to build on Altera dev kit.

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No OEM fixed font on my computer (Windows 7) but Google search suggested another font name: Terminal


Open with WordPad, Microsoft Word (not sure I don't have this) or something, and use Terminal or OEM font on whole doc. OpenOffice doesn't list Terminal or OEM under font and if I copy and paste, it loses monospacing for some reason.

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I'm running Windows 7 as well. No OEM fixed font in WordPad, NotePad, Word, etc.


It may take a separate program that understands the OEM font. I'm using a fairly old programming editor (CodeWright). Googling for OEM fixed font may reveal other possibilities.

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Try using Terminal font, it was in my Windows 7 and made that text file readable in WordPad. I don't like Notepad because it doesn't handle line wrapping very well and messes up some text files.

That worked for me. I couldn't find the Terminal font in Word, by the way.

Edit: when I tried to print the file, it didn't work properly. To be continued... .

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Here is a quick and dirty pdf version of the txt document being written about:




Looks like I forgot this...



TCART Theory of Operation


The TCART is designed to allow 4 independent banks of standard ROM or

standard static RAM to be mapped into the 1610 address space. Each ROM

bank can be up to 4K in size. Each static RAM bank can be up to 2K in

size. Banks can be configured though DIP switches to start at any 4K

address in the 1610's address space. The DIP switches also allow the

selection of RAM/ROM, and in which portion of the 4K bank the 2K of RAM



... right after the timing diagram.


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