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Issue With Sears Sports Center IV/Motocross


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Hello, everyone. I'm an Atari collector new to this forum. I recently found an untested Sears Sports Center IV/Motocross cheap on ebay, so I thought it was worth the risk. It works fine except for one issue: there are no on screen paddles for the Pong games. The sel/res button works; it scrolls through all the games, with the ball moving around. One of the four controllers has the tip of the plug broken off, but the other three look good. I plugged in L1 and R1 only, with the same result. I've also plugged all 4 in, although the one may not work. Do I need 4 functioning controllers to be plugged in to have the paddles appear on screen? Or is it an internal issue? Has anyone else had this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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