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No OVGE this year?


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Saw the new site today. Can't wait! I'll get in contact with Tabor and see if I can get another Bad Game Beatdown set up.


Still, I'm saddened beyond belief at the passing of Brad Prillwitz. He was such a great guy. It's simply not going to be the same without him.

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Ok, I'm gonna be there again this year.


I'll be honest. I wasn't sure my heart would really be into it, and was considering not having a table. But, I don't think that's what Brad would have wanted, so I'm going to be running yet another tourney. All Your Base will be sponsoring me once again.


This year, it'll be the BRAD Game Beatdown. Yes, in honor of Brad Prillwitz, I'll be changing the name. It may or may not be a bad game that we play, but I guarantee it'll be one that you WILL remember.


Remember, too, that Crossbow will be donating some of the proceeds to charity this year, and I may do a donation thing at my table as well, and donate it in Brad's name. I'll see if the Nintendo Okie guys can help with that, as I did a charity event with them last year that was really fun.


So, I'll see you guys in September, then.

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