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Intv2 Arcade Controller pre-order / interest list

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No longer for sale.




Intellivision 2 / Sears Super Video Arcade controller

Base is used NeoGeo AES controller or new/like new NeoGeoX controller. I will provide photos before payment, so you know the type of controller is being used. NeoGeo AES controller says 'NeoGeo' near the keypad. NeoGeoX controllers says 'NeoGeoX'. All used controllers are hand washed and are very clean. Used controllers will generally have light scratches on the top and bottom. Used AES controllers are generally of higher quality, as they have a joystick dust cover, better screws, nicer joystick trestle, and nicer spring. You can see both types of controllers below in the pictures. All used AES controllers are imported from Japan.



Controller enhanced by:

Custom designed and professionally printed Intellivision arcade controller PCB. PCB is printed in the USA.

Xilinx CPLD converts common ground arcade controls to what the Intv2 / Sears Super Video Arcade wants. Will also work with original Intellivision model if db9 ports are added to the console.

Replacing joystick microswitches with (4) new Panasonic 1N microswitches. 1N feels like well worn joystick.

Replacing joystick bearing, and spring receiver

Joystick is greased with Shin Etsu silicone grease

Adding new black Seimitsu balltop

Adding (4) new Seimitsu screw in buttons button colors are now Black or Clear Black.

Milling top of controller to fit keypad.

Adding 12 button keypad - overlays do NOT work with this keypad

Drilling right side of controller for battery holder

Uses single AA battery. I was able to use single AA battery for ~ 2 months. This was with leaving the controller on for a month during this time.

Controller is fused and has reverse polarity protection (from the battery).

Battery direction sticker on bottom.

Power switch in right rear, up is ON / down is OFF.

Internal wiring using Sanwa AT-110/187 quick disconnects and JST XH (PCB side). Quick connects are crimped and soldered.

Qty (6) .110 Sanwa quick connect hard covers

Qty (eight) .187 Sanwa quick connect hard covers

D button is soldered ( + heatshrink tubing) due to space constraints

Qty (4) .75 rubber feet

Adding ~6 foot controller cord, works with either Intellivision 2 or Sears Super Video Arcade - db9 cord may be new or used, the used ones are older and tend to be of higher quality. New db9 cords are Retrobit. Used db9 is Sega Genesis or Coleco Super Action Controller.

Adding no screw sticker to bottom center

Adding Intv2 Controller sticker to top right

Sanding 8-way joystick gate with 1000 grit sandpaper to prevent 'spacer' from sticking.


It takes about 7 hours to make and test each controller


**Please note controllers are hand made and there are some imperfections and variations due to this. **





PCB kit $60 = pcb with electronics on it, everything else you would need to provide. Please note pcb takes power from 1 or 2 cell 1.5V battery. Do not exceed 3V.


Complete controller = $220 (8-way joystick gate) - Select button = Pause for many games, think of it as a shortcut to pressing keypad 1+9 or 3+7.

Add $15 for 4-way gate (or $10 with controller) , will come with 4 and 8 way gates, only one installed at time, tell me which one to install, other will be in the box


shipping = $18 shipping in USA


package is 3.5 pounds 12 inches length x 10 inches wide x 5 inches high


Once you get controller use it for 7 days and if not happy PM me and then send back and I will refund the price of controller (less shipping) once I have controller back. Buyer pays for return shipping.



Which Joystick Gate is best?

2-way games are fine with either 4 or 8 way gate.

4-way games with 8-way gate are not good.

4-way games with 4-way gate are great

8-way games with 4-way gate are horrible

8-way games with 8-way gate are great



2-way games: Astrosmash, Space Armada, Space Patrol

4-way games: BurgerTime, Boulder Dash, D2K, DK Arcade, Christmas Carol, Thunder Castle / Mystic Castle, Burgertime, Lock N Chase, Dig Dug, Frogger, Night Stalker, Ms. Pac-Man, Beauty and Beast, Super Chef BT, Donkey Kong Junior, Ms. Night Stalker, Piggy Bank, Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe,

8-way games: River Raid, Match 5, Dreadnaught Factor, Commando, Mission X, Nova Blast, Empire Strikes Back, Atlantis



Directions to change the Joystick Gate:

1) Remove rubber feet.

2) Remove 4 screws to open case.

3) Remove 8 screws to remove gate

4) Put on new gate, make sure little posts on the gate fit into holes in the microswitches - gate, microswtches should all be level. Re-install the 8 screws from step 3

5) Turn case to look at back of it. Put top and bottom of case together. You may need to adjust wires near battery area to get case to close nicely as this area is tight. It will close nicely, but you will need to look and move wires to until it does. Do not use the screws to force the top and bottom together. Re-install the 4 screws from step 2.


Do not change gate often as screw holes are plastic, not metal threaded, hence can wear out.


If you do change, make sure to not over-tighten them


When re-installing the screws It helps to put screw in place and turn to loosen, this helps the screw find the old groove vs. making new ones. If screw is hard to turn back-out and repeat this process.



Button mapping:

Button A=Top Left and Right button (S1)
Button B=Bottom Left (S2)
Button C=Bottom Right (S3)
Button D=Top Left and Right button (S1)

Select button = Pause (pcb10), think of it as a shortcut to pressing keypad 3+7 or 1+9.
Start button = keypad Enter

Keypad * = Clear

Keypad # = Enter



Directions to change AA battery:

1-Turn battery cover by hand or with a coin / flat head screw driver, it will pop off

2-Remove old battery

3-Install new battery with + facing outside of controller, sticker on bottom of controller shows proper direction

4-Re-install battery cover and turn


I recommend 1.5V AA Duracell, Energizer, or similar alkaline battery. Some rechargeable AA batteries are only 1.2V, so I don't recommend those.



Directions to remove rubber feet:

1-Use small flat blade screw driver edge, press into side of rubber foot and lift.



Replacement Rubber Feet:

Digikey.com, Mouser.com, Newark.com

Search for: SJ-5744-BLACK











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To tell the truth, I dont know what this 4 way gate is. Could you explain which part of the controller you talking about? ^^


Gate limits direction for joystick. Games like Carol, D2K, Pac-Man only take up, down,left, right - so 4-way forces only these directions



Game like space shooters take 8 ways, up, down, left, right and up-left, up-right, down-left, down-right.


D2K and Carol play much better with 4 way gate - so if you like these games, please make sure to buy with 4-way gate.


image of the 4-way gate


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But I can change the gate, right? If yes I buy a 4 way gate too, if I cant change I'll prefer the 8 directions :)


4-way option comes with both 4 and 8 ways gates. But you have to open controller and change as only on can be installed at a time.

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4-way option comes with both 4 and 8 ways gates. But you have to open controller and change as only on can be installed at a time.


If everything I need is a screwdriver thats no problem :) But I would like to have the 8 way controll installed, not the 4 way. Damn, this board makes me poor, too many great things to buy

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