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Hack, hack, hackety hack question?


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Here I am again with another dumb ass question! downloaded GFX and converted a few games from *.bin to *.txt but where on earth do you start, are there any files you guys can point me to, because:


0001 |XX XX|

0002 | XX X | etc.


Doesn't mean a great deal to me, and yes I am thick :D

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What you are looking for is where those X's are arranged in recognisable shapes...scroll around using the page up/down keys. Then what you do is change the placement of the X's and spaces...wherever there is an X, a pixel will be in the image. Be careful not to change lines that are not part of the image...and also make sure that each line still has a combination of 8 X's and spaces. Also, since Wordpad includes text formatting when saving text, be sure only to use Notepad or the Dos EDIT to change the file.

Once the text is changed, you can save it and use EDITGFX to read the text and convert it into a .bin file. You only need to specify the source name and destination name in the command line...the romsize will be the same length as the number of lines in the text file.



...will create a text file called PACHACK from the rom of PacMan



...will create the .bin file from your text

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You could also forget using those editors and hack romfiles directly by using HackOmatic...which is here:



It operates much the same way (scrolling around and changing pixels), but the pixels at least look like pixels...and you don't have to muck about creating temperary text files.


Keep in mind that this program will change a .bin file directly, so be sure to save a backup. It's also quite slow on low-end systems.

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Here's the thread that introduced Hack-O-Matic. Lots of info here and a few hack examples. (The Adventure hack is the best of them. ;) )




My advice is to start out hacking Space Invaders. The sprites are the most recognizable in a 2600 bin.

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