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PS3 Slim Will read DVD but not Blu Ray.


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I was fixing my friends PS3 Slim and it will read dvd's but it won't read blu rays or ps3 games.


So I figured it was the blu ray lens. So I ordered a new one online and I just finished installing it and the same symptoms are happening!


Ugh...would anyone know what's wrong with it? It couldn't be the data cable could it?


Thanks for the help! :)



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So I ended up fixing the ps3. Searched online about the issue and apparently the boot file in the system that enables it to read blu ray format can become corrupted causing the unit to not read blu rays. So you have to do a full system restore (11+ hours) that will replace the corrupted file with a new one.


So I did just that and now it works! :)


Kinda sucks I wasted money on the laser lens :(

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Well I thought I fixed it because the game I use to test is prototype and that worked in the morning. Then when I got home from work I decided to try a blu ray movie so I tried the incredible hulk and that didn't read so I thought that was odd.


So I tried a different game and I tried rage and that wouldn't work. So then I tried wall-e on blu ray and that worked.


So it seems that some blu ray movies/games work and others do not.


This is the forum where I thought restoring the system would fix the problem:





Does anyone have any idea on what could be the issue? It already has a brand new lens installed too.

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I know that sometimes it looks like you're talking to yourself, but it happens when you find the solution yourself.

It maybe a wrong forum to post this.

I fixed a similar issued with Slim PS2 not reading the DVDs and it was a lens that was bad.

Maybe you need to update to the newest SW on the PS3?


Check this one: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PSN-Video-and-Music-General/Mystery-My-PS3-will-play-some-Blu-ray-discs-not-others/td-p/30520853

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Well it seems like there is no fix as to why the Blu Ray player reads some blu rays and not others...some one in a forum pointed out that theirs didn't play dual layer blu rays...not sure which ones those are, but in my situation it plays COD Black Ops 2 perfectly and I'm sure that's dual layer since it's fairly new.

Here is a list of what I tried doing:

*Replace the laser lens

*Restore the entire system (took 11+ hours!)

*Restore default settings

*Restore file system

*Rebuild database

*Cleaned the lens with alcohol swab

*Have the latest firmware so my friend could log in

*Lubed up the rails so the lens could move back and fourth smoothly


So at this point I'm assuming its that POS motor that moves the lens back and fourth since it plays COD Black Ops 1 every 10 tries...i guess it's just luck when it does work.

Is there any way to replace the motor for that thing? Not even sure what it would be called in order to look for that part.

I doubt it's the cd spinner since it does play games.


My conclusion for it being the motor that moves the lens back and forth is this: The PS3 has limited time to fetch data it needs, and if the data is close (games that work) then it has no problem but if the data is spread out across the disc then it fails. So I think the lens isn't moving too slow to fetch the data at the proper time. LOL Kinda a wild assumption I know.

If anyone could help me at this point I'd highly appreciate it! :)


Here is a list of forums/websites I been using to help me along the way...hope it helps someone who has trouble here.













Thanks again!

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My slim PS3 stopped playing bluray movies but still played games, it played DVDs fine due to it having a second eye for playing DVDs and CDs. The last versions of the fat PS3 and all slim and new slim models have a two eye setup, one eye to read bluray disks, the other to read DVDs and CDs to extend the life of the bluray eye.


Well anyway it started to not read any games, it still played DVDs and CDs and PS1 games (its past its warranty) so I took it apart and took a q tip and dabbed it in some alcohol (doesn't require it to be drenched) and spun it lightly on both eyes and took the dry end to wipe off and remove any excess dirt and alcohol. I then took a can of compressed air and blew into the laser eyes and a clump of dust blew out. Assembled the unit and now it instantly sees all disks and plays all games and bluray movies.


If you replaced the eye with a new one, maybe the replacement is faulty, or one of the data connections isn't making a proper connection (like dust or hair fell into the connector). How about blowing out the old eye and cleaning the two eyes with alcohol and a q tip and reinstall that back into the unit and see if that works.

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So last night I finally fixed my friends ps3 slim...what I did was replace the new lens I bought on ebay with his old one...so apparently my replacement lens came DOA...and the real problen was corrupted boot file so when I restored his ps3 it actually fixed the problem.

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