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8-bit game author reviving 1983 game "Dino Eggs"

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Some buy my new game DINO EGGS: REBIRTH because they played the heck out of the original DINO EGGS -- but never actually bought it !!


Shocking, isn't it?


Well -- if by selling DINO EGGS: REBIRTH, I can alleviate any guilt, or bring anyone emotional closure -- I'm happy to provide that service. :-)




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I signed up to Steam just to comment on this game. Unfortunately, Steam makes you pay $5 for the privilege. Very strange new world :P


New accounts are limited from using all of Steam's community features. You'll have access to all of Steam's features once you've spent $5.00 USD in the Steam store or added $5.00 USD to your Steam Wallet. Additional info...
Why can't I rate content such as reviews, artwork, screenshots, Workshop files and Greenlight submissions?
Amount Spent on Steam: $0.00 / $5.00 USD
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How a true Time Master beats one of the most difficult levels in DINO EGGS: REBIRTH -- It's a spidery cavern that is itself an homage to another 8-bit game MINER 2049'er.



On Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/449320/





Yes, this one is difficult ; there are two eggs left behind on the video ! :-o

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