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HSC10 Round 10: Rescue on Fractalus

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"New" Pro 162763 :)

Great score :thumbsup: What got you in the end?

I'm going to set aside some daytime in the week for a serious bash on the pro challenge ;)


Rescue on Fractalus

Top Pilots



Still not sure about the HSC scoring; but enjoy playing that's the main thing and at the end of the round we can sort something out (fingers crossed!). I don't expect top players to go for 'Regular' (my score is just a target for those new to the game), but would encourage others to play in both if they have time. I also made this a catch-up round for anyone who has missed any games this season or players who want to improve on up to 3 games :) round closes Tues 2nd July 10am UK time.

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On level 32 I picked up few pilots and when I landed to save another one, I was hit multiple times in short period by laser guns :(

Wish I'd kept going on my 1st go now but it was about 2am! Probably have to clear an area and then go back for the pilots... looking forward to my next sortie :)

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Good scores guys :thumbsup:

Looks like Firestorm has thrown down the gauntlet [and played ROF :D ] ... I've got tomorrow lined up for my attempt :)


Will also be putting the VOTE on for the next round so add any suggestions to the Games List thread folks - NEW PLAYERS welcome to add any of their favourites too ;)

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So it turns out my copy disk with the animations and high score table that saved is perhaps not a final version: After playing lelves 16&20 I left the game on the launch window screen to get a cup of tea (as we Brits do), only to return to find it had ended my go... this version let you start up to level 32 so I though it a bit odd and loaded my Original disk.... ... This had the ACTIVISION blue box pre loader but no animation (nor high score table) but the game played much slicker - even the music was quicker - noticable the fractal landscapes seemed better defined with flatter areas and mountains rather than stuff everywhere.


I think the links I posted were ok - Fandal is usally right on the money (does it have the HS table?)


Here's how I did on pro challenge with some extra detail for those who like that stuff! Ok pretend you don't :twisted:

Lv16 70,773 E44 P+3

Lv20 108,410 E64 P+1 Ace

Lv24 151,911 E70 P+2 Ace

Lv28 205,835 E97 P+3 Ace

Lv32 209,798 I was fried big time so forget about the game being too easy :D


p.s was about 20mins per level including collecting extra pilots


Vote up next...

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Rescue on Fractalus

Highest Scoring Aces

Regular (play any levels you like)

1st jblenkle (N) 192,758 6pts

2nd Sikor 120,216 5pts

3rd adam242 (N) 99,714 4pts

4th Liduario 58,600 3pts

5th McKong 45,975 2pts

6th roadrunner (N) 15,711 1pt


Pro-Challenge (Start on Level 16, then rank up 4 at a time - see previous post re versions!)

1st firestorm 280,052 (Lv40) 6pts

2nd therealbountybob 209,798 (Lv32) 5pts

3rd jblenkle (N) 192,758 112,653 4pts

4th roadrunner (N) 15,711 68,719 3pts


Provisional scoring; Enjoy playing that's the main thing... I don't expect top players to go for 'Regular', but would encourage others to play in both if they have time. This a catch-up round for anyone who missed any games or for players to improve on up to 3 games :) round closes Tues 2nd July 10am UK time.


VOTE for Round 11 *OPEN* !

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Finally had/made time to take a crack at "Pro Challenge' tonight... I made it through level 16 pretty easily and struggled with 20, needing a quick refuelling stop on the mothership. I had about a half-load of pilots on 24 before getting pummeled with lasers before I could boost back to the ship. Yikes.



88,104 points.

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Just about to start another ROF mission :)


VOTE for Round 11 *OPEN* !


it was going pretty well then on Level 28 an alien bas^%£d puched through me winda (I fumbled the S key for a nano-second) but really it was not even a second :twisted: :mad:

here's how I was doing:

Lv16 69,915 E41 P+3 Ace

Lv20 110,654 E68 P+3

Lv24 158,301 E94! P+1 Ace & 1 Oops

Lv28 165,720 "just ignore that crack it'll be fine" :D

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