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PS3 Super Slim freezing issues....

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In January of 2013 I bought a PS3 Super Slim, the Uncharted 3, GOTY bundle, and it seemed to work fine out of the box, but within a month or so, it began to "freeze", then shut down, while online in the PSN store. I'd usually be checking out the latest offerings on Playstation Network, and this would happen. This never happened while playing Dust 514, but only on the PSN store. I called Playstation a few times, they tried to cure it, and ultimately I sent in my 6 month old unit for service.


the turnaround time was excellent, no complaints whatsoever. I received my replacement unit on Friday, and configured it, downloaded the latest update, and went on to the PSN store to re-download my games. And the first time I go on to the PSN store, this happens again. It freezes up, and then shuts down. I have to unplug the unit, then plug it back in, then turn it on manually (can't use the controller), and then start up again from there. The first night, it worked fine after that, and I was able to download a few games. But on Sunday night (last night), I tried to get online 6 times, and had no luck whatsoever.


Has anyone else heard of this happening with the PS3 Super Slim and am I just essentially stuck with this problem if I want to have a PS3? Does the other Slim have this issue? The original one?

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Sounds like a heating issue. I know they "repaired" it but what exactly did they do? They usually don't say. Whenever it freezes like that is it hot? The only reason I can think of for a shutdown would be that it's not cooling properly. I know it sounds like the store has something to do with it but to me it sounds like a heating issue otherwise I don't think I've ever heard of it freezing and shutting off in the store.


(I've had it freeze in the store before but it usually just dumps me back to the dash or I just exit out myself)


Lastly, you can try sticking in a new hard drive and see if that helps. Easy to do and probably a perfect time if your just starting to download stuff again


Personally I can't stand the PSN store since they changed it last year.


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I'd keep sending it back to Sony while it's still under warranty. Sony won't lift a finger after the year is up.


Also, If you paid for the unit with a credit card they may be able to help as well. With my Visa card if a company warranty repairs or replaces an item 3 times and it's still defective, the CC company will get my money back.


If you have the chance to replace it with a V1 Slim, do so. They're pretty much bullet proof as far as reliability goes. Quieter too.

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I ran through the whole safe-mode menu last night. started with "restore default settings", which didn't work. then went to "Restore File System", which didn't work, then "Rebuild Database", which showed there was corrupt data, fixed that, but it still froze in the PSN store. Then I tried "Restore PS3 System", which wiped my HDD, then "Rebuild Database", which again showed corrupt data, and then after all of that, it seemed to work. But I bet if I did "Rebuild Database" again today, it would show as corrupt. At least I was able to download "Vanquish" and "Deus Ex" last night.


I even went as far as having the internet shut down, then re-booted, and I took my PS3 and put it on top of my entertainment center to improve the airflow, though I have a ton of airflow when it's in my entertainment center as well.


I'll be calling Sony today about this.......

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I doubt you could do anything to prevent this. The Super Slim models were made to reduce Sonys costs above all else, so they cut corners everywhere. The build quality is just crap.


If you end up returning it again, you can try demanding they replace it with a V1 Slim. Some people over on Neogaf were able to do that by speaking to level 2 Customer service.

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well I received my 3rd Super Slim today. This is the 3rd one in 6 months. Prior to doing anything with it, I started it up, and did enough of the setup to get to the main screen, and then went into the system info screen, and did the full, deep formatting of the HDD.


Usually that's a looooonnnnnnggggggg process, as I've done it a few times to try and combat this freezing while online issue, which was one of the solutions I got from Sony Customer Service. Generally, it's about a 14-15 hour process. Or at least it's been like that for me.


so I started the process yesterday, thinking that, because it's a newly refurbished system, it shouldn't take that long. But it did. It's still going, as a matter of fact. It's about 15 hours in, and almost done.


should I be concerned about this?

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When I upgraded mine to a WD Blue 500GB drive, the full format and install took less than 2 hours. That included restoring 30GB of stuff from an external using the backup utility. 15 hours to format a drive is just insane. Even if the PS3 is zeroing the drive and checking for bad blocks it shouldn't take that long.


If it were me, I'd probably Craigslist your unit before it breaks again. Try calling Target, Walmart and ToysRUs to see if they have any V1 slims left. You're looking for either a 2000 or 3000 model number on the UPC code, something like CECH-2000A. The super slim was a 4000 series model number, so avoid that one.


Gamestop won't give you much in trade, but they do still offer PS3 refurbs for $229. Occasionally, they'll have a fat 20GB for around $200.

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