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Windows Tools for Atari Programming

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hear hear, please join me in welcome popmilo the 2nd aka vladimir the 3rd to our knight watch order.

vlad, i name you first knight :)

ok, enought with this GOT bs....


great work vlad! im glad i got people from AA interested in this utility.

a 28mb for python script? i guess it uses static libraries......


as promised here is the utility desciption


convert sprites

you can run the utility by using the following command line:


process_sprites_cmd_line.exe [Filename] [bitpairOrder] [spritesNx] [spritesNy] [spritesDx] [spritesDy] [spritesSx] [spritesSy]


Filename Input file name of image to convert.
BitpairOrder Bitpair order as four digits in a string '0231', can be 0123 0321 etc.... can be good for other machines but atari
SpritesNx Number of sprites in x direction.
SpritesNy Number of sprites in y direction.
SpritesDx Distance between frames in x direction.
SpritesDy Distance between frames in y direction.
SpritesSx Size of sprites in x direction.
SpritesSy Size of sprites in y direction.
additional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit



2 files - a bin file that can be imported into asm code using incbin and a header file can be used in CC65.



an example command line:

process_sprites_cmd_line.exe "dd_200x120.png" "2103" 5 3 40 40 32 32


dd_200x120.png - is the attached image to be converted

2103 - is the bitpair order

5 - 5 frames X direction

3 - 3 frames Y direction

40 - distance between frames in X direction

40 - distance between frames in Y direction

32 - width of sprite

32 - height of sprite


EDIT: there are some issues with the utility (not big ones), will upload new bundle later on.....


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This sorta fits here... It is actually a Windows trick for something that has vexed me for many years. (Some of you may know it or a similar trick, but I suspect that quite a few don't.) There are some other methods that involve using the Command Line Prompt.


Let's say that you have a Windows folder with a bunch of Atari files in it and you want to list and print the (titles) contents.


Open the folder and select all or part of the files that you want to list.

** Optional -- Change the VIEW to however you want the file listing displayed. **

Press Shift + Right Click (Notice that the familiar Right Click Menu of CUT, COPY, etc. is now slightly different.) Have the mouse cursor pointing to the first file/path selected in your folder.

Click on "Copy as Path".

Open a new text document or spreadsheet

Press Cntl-V

All of the file information is immediately available as a text listing.


I know this works in Win10.  It does not work in my WinXP (Home). I have read that this feature became available in Win8. There may be some other subtleties that I have not uncovered, but this sure has been a time-saver for me.



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On 3/14/2021 at 6:55 PM, Badaboom said:

Just installed the latest WUDSN available. Everything is working except that it doesn't point to the right workspace by default. It start with C:\jac\system\workspace instead of C:\jac\wudsn\workspace.

Hi. I just downloaded the wudsn-ide-win64.zip to a clean machine, unpacked and started it. For me the default was "C:\jac\wudsn\workspace". Please try if you can reproduce the issue and send a PM if you can. Thanks, Peter.

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On 7/24/2013 at 4:58 AM, Synthpopalooza said:

Not specifically an Atari tool, but The Gimp is a nice picture editor that can be used to convert to Atari bitmap formats like Graphics 15, Graphics 12 (5-color), and Graphics 10. You import a 128 color Atari palette into the program's palettes, then reduce the picture to 160x192 (or 80x92) and the appropriate amount of colors.



Convert 320x192 1 bit images directly to Graphics-8-PIC files using imagemagick:

convert input.bmp -monochrome -depth 1 -negate GRAY:output.raw 


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put code into the codebox
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