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ANTIC the Atari 8bit Podcast is now available


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In episode 15

@episode 15:


You've never heard of Mercenary ?!? ;)


Wow... One of games that impressed me the most on 8bits... fast 3d vector graphics, lots of missions....

Drawing maps of whole world and underground bases, figuring out what to do... Real adventure.


Check how it looks here:


Get it here:



Check maps and documentation here:



And yeah, awesome show! Loved the interviews!

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Great podcast guys!


In episode 16 at around 1:34:23, Victor Marlin asked about a joystick controller with multiple buttons. For new software, another solution would be to to create a Joystick Controller/Keyboard Controller hybrid that uses two joystick ports. The controller would have one wire coming out of it, but two connectors at the end. You could use two of these controllers on the Atari 400/800 since they have four joystick ports. The other models could only use one.


Think of it as an Nintendo type controller with a few more buttons.


In your software, you can write a handler to map the buttons to anything you wanted. I think it would probably handle multiple key presses at the same time for even more functionality.




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So, I wasn't exactly wrong - it would require custom hardware and software.


Bill Kendrick posted on Twitter: "my game Gem Drop (1997) supports two fire buttons via stock Sega Genesis controllers! Reads button C via paddle input." and then later: "Also, haven't toyed with it yet (I dislike them, ergonomically), but 7800 controllers can *probably* be used w/ Atari 8-bits."
So ... it's doable, and I love that.
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Hey guys,

just to say how much I enjoyed listening to your podcast - I plumped for Episode 16 for my first listen. I was working on my 130XE(Ramp Rage) and the 2hrs has got me nicely to my next assemble, probably slowed down the coding a bit though! Liked the style and the humour. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


One small point; I spent a while clicking on the links and nothing seemed to happen before I realised you had to click the small PODO)) graphic :dunce:


The bad news is I missed the first 15 episodes; the good news is I have 15 episodes to listen to!

Keep up the good work :)

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Thanks, Bounty Bob!


There's an option at Libsyn that will allow me to put a more obvious Play Episode graphic on each episode. I'll enable that. It is confusing and you're not the only one who experienced this.


Can't wait for Ramp Rage! How close are you on that?


Appreciate the kind words. We're definitely funny guys :)


Randy Kindig

co-host Antic ataripodcast.com

host Floppy Days floppydays.com

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Hi guys.

In ep 16?, mention was made of printer numbers that the os could support. Did you know that most atari direct connect printers respond to P as well as a a unique P number?

I direct you to an article in compute 073 page 112. Makes for interesting reading.

Any one tried the X series printers for unique numbers?



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Can't wait for Ramp Rage! How close are you on that?

Just finished listening to Podcast #3, while assembling again, very nice interview with the founder of Antic. Liked the Navy story in the previous episode too. As a UK Atari owner it's interesting to get the views from the other side of the pond on the Atari scene. I hope you found Alien 8 in the end and I'm looking forward to reading the next one of my catch-up episodes about the abbuc games from 2013.


Talking of that competition, I had set myself a December 1st (2014!) deadline for releasing Ramp Rage but have managed to re-write some routines and free up a few more bytes so have been able to add some more features and I have one routine that still seriously bugs me :twisted: Grading the difficulty and forcing as much level variation as I can is proving time consuming. I now have an NTSC 800XL so am trying to match colours and speeds to some extent too. I have created a nice PDF with the instructions but am trying so find someone (here) to do some artwork for a front page (like a classic box cover)...


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What a lot of long distance podcasters do is have each participant record themselves locally during the Skype/Hangout. Then they send their recordings to the main person who syncs them up in something like Garageband. That way you get a high quality recording on all ends.

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@ Savetz-


Do you give the interviewees an advanced look at the questions? I realize that frequently "one thing leads to another" in terms of interview questions, but if there are specific questions, I wondered if you give them a "heads up?"



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