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first impressions of space invaders


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i seen the thread about pac-man and thought it would be fun to see what were your first impressions or reactions about the classic space invaders since it was an extremely popular arcade.


i really can't say anything here cause i grew up in the late 80s and have never seen 1 in person (i know its sad) :sad: :P

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I remember when it first came out. I had been playing lots of older EM games and other B/W games like Pong and Tank. It was great for a while but then I found Galaga and Defender later and never went back to Space Invaders except on my brothers Intelevision. I have a full size Space Invaders as well as SI Deluxe now. I play them once in a whle but still play my Galaga and Defender more. My kids don't even like Space Invaders and rarely play them. Here are my 2 SI machines.


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Space Invaders is the first video game for me. Before that, I basically stuck with pinball machines since I got to play them longer and to me they were more fun than the arcade games before SI.


SI was the first game that I had to have at home. It made me need to have a 2600. Oh and I pretty much left those pinball machines behind--though I do like to play them from time to time.

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After I wasted my quarter on Asteroids, and then another on Joust, because I died in 10 seconds on both I made my way over to the Space Invaders machine. That was my game. Who cares that I never cleared the screen? It was just fun, fun, fun! Good times, good times. Jim those machines are bringing back so many memories :D

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Ooooh how'd I miss this thread. Space Invaders wasn't my first videogame, but it was definitely my first videogame OBSESSION. I'm still obsessed with the arcade game in a way :P I've written a lot about the game on these here boards so I won't say much more. :D


Nice games Jim! I want some Space Invader arcade games of my own as well (and I WILL get them.. in time ;) ). However, the ones I want are the machines I grew up with and that means the original joystick controlled TAITO versions. They had nicer artwork and the background planet artwork was different as well. Good stuff :)


Taito Space Invaders (nope. Not mine.. I wish). However the white joystick knob has been replaced.


Taito Space Invader Part II. Had a much nicer brighter background than the Midway version :)


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I remember being a little kid and being blown away by

Space Invaders. I especially liked how your shields received visible damage. It was a clone machine, I think, and was soon accompanied by a bootleg Moon Cresta machine at the same candy store. I still love Moon Cresta even though it plays dirty at times.

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