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RELEASE - Katamari!

Rabbit 2600

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Come on, everybody! OK, Mr. Sunshine!


I proudly give to you - Katamari on the Atari 2600!



The Katamari Prince has been set out to roll up objects and make new planets for the Katamari King who'm feels lonely in the empty universe, the impatient and unhappy Katamari King can't wait, you have to do it now! Right away! And since the Katamari King is so sad the Katamari Prince is forced to play the Katamari King's favorite game - Dodge the lightnings. So set out, dear Katamari Prince, make the Katamari King happy!



First screen: Use the joystick to move and collect the items before the time is up

Second screen: Use the joystick to move left and right to dodge the lightnings untill the time is up.

Next screens: Use the fire buttons to get past the "next screens"

The planet: When a planet has been created push the firebutton and push the joystick down to go back to collecting objects


Features :

15 different items to roll up!

Watch as your katamari ball grows bigger as you roll up objects!

2 Levels!

Animated rainbow level!







Roll up 15 different items!



Can you make the Katamari King happy?



DOWNLOAD - Katamari.bin



If the game is to hard let me know, also please tell if there's something you don't like about the game that could need change.

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Neat little game! :)

I think it would be much more fun with diagonal movement, the controls are too stiff the way they are now. It's also a bit on the easy side - IMO it should get faster/more difficult with each round. And how about using the fire-button for running faster?


That being said i like this game and it's a nice start but as it is it's just fun to play for a few minutes. I think it has potential to become a great game (= good enough to be released on cart) if you keep working on it.

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Okay, diagonal movement is now working. And pressing the fire button allows you to run fast left and right. (Might get too easy if you can run fast in every direction)

Gonna see what I can do about speeding everything up each time you beat it.

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Diagonal movement :


That's much better! :)

Zipping around the screen is much more fun now! You probably should give the player less time to collect items though as it's a bit too easy now...

For making the game more difficult how about adding obstacles (playfield-pixels) on the first screen in the later rounds?

And you could let the king shoot lasers (missiles) out of his eyes or add a moving obstacle you have to jump over in later rounds.


Anyway, i'm glad you keep on working on the game and looking forward to see how it turns out...

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Gonna see what I can do with the difficulty.


I would definitely look into putting some sort of conflict other than a timer. I was thinking the same thing as Impaler_26, maybe some sort of obstacles, where if hit you lose items... or items that are too big to pick up so if you go after them, you waste time. Something to make things more hectic! Seriously awesome game though! You pulled off what I think very few could have!

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Good ideas. If I could do multisprites properly I could have a bunch of items on the screen at once. But I'm not ready for that. That will have to wait for Katamari 2 =)

I had an idea about the playfield being dangerous. Bars could pertrude and grow across the playfield to cut you off and waste your precious time.

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hey rabbit ive had a bunch of people playing the latest version of this and we all had a blast!

lives for the second lvl made it perfect!

only complaints we had was that it needed more levels!


how many times can 5 people play 2 levels over and over again?

a few hours later we where all saying more levels :P


oh forgot to add Highscore = 4320

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