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Hive multi-cart - It's alive!

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Uhuhhuu! :music: Congrats Man! After a long winter the intellivisioners community finally have one multi-cart again ! You are really making a little history here. I know a lot of CS grads that won't get there. So I take my hat off to you ! This is really incredible and is good to be in such great company guys. for sure I'll want one !

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Is there a price estimation?


No price as of yet.


Looks nice and its surprising that the original 125 are included, good for the HSC Thread


The multi-cart will only be shipped with ROMs for things that I've written. However, to make the end user's life easier it'll have a database of checksums for legacy ROMs that it knows about.


Only the Inty *.rom file format has the memory map layout for the game built into it. For *.bin and *.int game files you need a matching *.cfg file. In those cases the *.cfg file contains the memory map layout in human readable text. With a built in database of ROM checksums the multi-cart can determine the memory map for any legacy game's *.bin/*.int file from a checksum match. It just makes life easier if the multi-cart does more of the work.


The only downside is that some legacy ROM dumps (that I haven't found) might not yield a checksum match. In that case you just need to find another *.bin or find the *.rom version of it instead.


I'll be adding a mode where it can scan a directory/folder and display the filenames it knows about (with a checksum database match) in a contrasting colour (or puts an icon in front of the name). That way its easier for people to diagnose ROM file problems on their own.


I might also add a built in file heuristics checker that will try and determine what the memory map is from analysing the code in the game you want to play. I'm not sure if that is feasible to implement yet so don't bank on that ;).

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