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Hive multi-cart - It's alive!

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I'm going to add DRM-- to my design. DRM-- is so advanced that you'll never know its there. In fact, its so lightweight and uses zero RAM/ROM resources it can be considered as not actually existing at all.

And therefore, impossible to crack. Very clever.
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Mutant Drum - A beat'em up game where you beat mutant drums for justice.

Mecha8 Deluxe - Does it has functional shield this time? Play this game to find out.

Mega Duck - Platformer shoot'em up game like Megaman but with ducks.

Maniac Drivers - Drive like a maniac... run things over with your Jaguar. Avoid crashing into building and other large objects.

Mega Drive - Play Sega game on your Intellivision. Why not, they're both 16-bit system. :dunce:

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Mr. Deux?
Mr. Doo?

Mr. D'oh!?

Mr. Don't?
Mr. Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do?
Mr. Do You Think These Jeans Make Me Look Fat?


Clearly I'm hoping for some kind of Mr. Do clone :P



Christmas Carol Vs. The Series Game of Thrones? (OMG, please say it's this!!!)




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Estimated release date?


Hey! New song lyrics!


"In the year 2525...

If man is still, still alive...

Vintage games will be loved by wives...

And GroovyBee finally released the HIVE!!"



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