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Hive multi-cart - It's alive!

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Isn't Voltron doing one? Perhaps his design is farther along?



Wow, I almost forgot about that one. He started a thread about it a long time ago but there hasn't been any traffic on it for awhile, IIRC.


Perhaps it's just on the down-low.

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Just get a Cuttle Cart 3. They only cost $400+ on eBay. :-P


haha, yeah I've looked and ebay corrects what I type to cattle cart :\


Also, 400 bucks is a lot to pay to enjoy the old Intellivision.

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Perhaps it's just on the down-low.



I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of such a project. :) But keep mind of this for those who don't believe, the Intellinati is real :)

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...but it's a great price for a cattle cart :-D

We CAN justify anything. The late buy in was worth it to keep games and boxes in Plastic Shells on the bookshelf to me. At the price of Spiker I didn't want to keep opening it up. :dunce:


and I wouldn't sell it for $500 or $600, it's just not for sale.

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My money is on my multi-cart and Voltrons cart both being released before the vapourware known as Defender of the Crown sees the light of day.


Which ever comes first, I'll buy it! and what ever comes second, welp... I'll buy it too!

My Father might want to try it and the kids might... seems like a great idea to use a multi-cart and a book of overlays made from transparencies which can be easily made. Then no crying when they ruin something!

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