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MAME/Arcade High Score Club Season 5.27: I'm Sorry

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Collect all the gold and bring it to the house at the top. Avoid or punch the people. Avoid or jump over the barrel. This game looks as if there might be a little S & M going on. When the human in sunglasses catches you, his clothes change to a black bikini and he now has a whip or riding crop. Your clothes change into a white diaper.


In a later level, one of the enemies is walking backwards (perhaps moonwalking?) which a person might assume to be Michael Jackson.

This game is mostly Japanese nonsense satire. The title is a play on the word "sori," which means Prime Minister. The main character is former Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka, infamous for his plutocracy. Enemy characters include Carl Lewis, Michael Jackson, Japanese comedian Tamori, and professional wrestler Giant Baba.




Game Information:


Game Name: I'm Sorry

Manufacturer: Coreland/Sega: 1985

Dipswitches: 3 lives. Bonus life at 30K

ROMset: imsorry.zip

Chosen by: Cynicaster

ROM Location: http://www.romnation...m-Sorry-US.html


Competition ends on Saturday, July 20th at 11:59 p.m. (EST)


High Scores:


1. 199,194 kane [+15]

2. 179,655 onmode-ky [+14]

3. 128,374 Cynicaster [+13]

4. 116,675 patbb [+12]

5. 113,755 Darrin9999 [+11]

6. 60,197 jblenkle [+10]

7. 59,137 DonPedro [+9]

8. 46,978 Darthkur [+8]

9. 41,918 Fallout_002 [+7]

10. 34,058 asponge [+6]

11. 16,379 roadrunner [+5]


Points Leaderboard:

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Very fun game!


FYI, you can jump ... I was having problems finishing the first screen until I realized that I could jump over the barrels and the secret agents!


What exactly happens when you get kill! .. BDSM


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Man, the Japanese are weird sometimes.


I had completely forgotten that I requested this game. I think I played it one night while I was drunk and decided to throw it in the pool. :D


When you play the game it's a lot harder than it looks like it should be, considering you can jump and punch. Avoid trying to punch enemies in corners because it doesn't seem to work very well; you usually end up getting spanked (literally).

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Man, kane, I thought I finally had the top score! 157,474. I found a secret which gave me an extra 32,000 points.


Sorry about that :twisted: Was the secret item a bunch of jewels? I saw one of them once but when I got to it nothing happened.

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New high score! 179,655. This was without the 32K secret, and I never did figure out how I triggered it that time. I did find out how to trigger a few other secrets, though:


On Round 1, if you collect all the gold and then finish destroying all the gates, four Moai heads will appear in the center planter. Pick them up, by hitting them, for 1500 points each. If you destroy all the gates while having a few pieces of gold left, you get fewer Moai heads.


On Round 2, if you walk in front of the statue, it will begin chasing you like any other enemy. You can destroy it, but it rebuilds itself after a few seconds. If you can get it to return to its pedestal (may require going in a specific direction in front of the pedestal), it's 1500 points.


Also on Round 2, if you hit the koi in the pond while it's jumping, it releases a bee that starts flying around the playing field haphazardly. If you catch the bee, it's worth 9800 points (the odd point value makes me think it may be a value that decreases with time, but I got 9800 points on at least 2 separate occasions, maybe 3, so it might just be plain 9800). This secret seems to work only once per game, though. The same may be true of the Moai heads.


Sorry about that :twisted: Was the secret item a bunch of jewels? I saw one of them once but when I got to it nothing happened.


That's the secret I found in Round 3. If you go to the front of Tokyo Tower and keep hitting it, a pile of jewels appears near the middle of the playing field, off the path. Go over to it and hit it until it disappears, and your total score increase seems to be 10,000 points.


The 32K that I can't replicate was in Round 4. It has something to do with repeatedly hitting the planters until they completely transform (they end up spelling "YEAH"), but I didn't figure out how to make them destructible in the first place. Getting all the gold first didn't do the trick.




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Wow, points bonanza! So many secret points, it feels like Bubble Bobble again...


I tried digging around for info about this game's secrets. No useful results in English. However, the Japanese pages on the Web that I found did mention the ones I talked about earlier, and it seems the bee really is just plain 9800 points (I was amused that the pages that noted this also questioned why the value was so weird). However, only one search result mentioned the Round 4 flowerbeds as harboring a point bonus . . . and all it said was that it occurs if you "do something." :/ There's another secret in Round 4, though: the pool can be drained to reveal treasure you can grab, assuming you get to it before the pool refills. I think draining the pool is done by punching the two fish.


Oh, there's also another enemy that I never got to see, a woman who blows lethal kisses. English pages about the game seem to think this is supposed to be Madonna. All the Japanese pages I saw, however, referred to her as Marilyn Monroe.



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