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HSC Season #4 - Game 5 Ice Trek

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updated as of this post... also due to one of our players issue with a holiday trip, I might put the next game up tonight... stay tuned...


PS - Felson, VPINMAME for that project?


PPSS - If you want to see the final run of the 3 levels it was streamed LIVE on the "We Are Nerdgasm" stream, starting from the easter egg in level 3, so the game cheapily killing me off on the ice bridge level, taking every single life in one time.

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Nice score CP.


My pinball cab is running vpinmame, future pinball, and pinball fx 2 (steam). My favorite tables are the pinball fx 2 ones, even though they only use one screen (no backglass). For those tables that have both vp and fp versions I generally went with the vp ones.


I really need to blog about it at some point because I've learned a lot of good stuff to pass along, but it's tough to find the time.

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There are some hours playtime left, but I dont know if I try it again. I am a bit pissed off the game, because its buggy and bugs cost me the highscore. Losing the bridge is okay, but losing the first platform? Sorry, but that sucks. I lost my last THREE lifes, because my charakter respawned in the water - instant dead :(


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By the way: Did you also noticed the other bridge bug? Sometimes I completed the bridge and wanted to go to the castle, but instead of walking to stage 3 I fall into the water. The bridge was still complete, but it was impossible to reach the castle, you have to destroy and rebuild if you wanna go on. unfortunately this bug also costs a lift in many cases.


PS: Which easter egg are you talking about? Maybe the "PS" when the castle melts? I wonder why dis appears sometimes, because I am pretty sure I didnt saw it on my last ride.

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