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32 in 1 Game Cartridge - Atari VCS 2600


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I'm new on the forum, cheers all.


Along my peregrinations, I found far from my country, in Saudi Arabia, a quite strange object, I wouldn't even thought I could find this in that place.


I found an Atari 2600 cartridge, it's written "32 in 1 Game" (with naive drawings) on the box and "Fantastic" on the cartidge. At the back is the game list.. I didn't find any information in the rarity guide, since this one is not referenced.


I'm gonna send you quality picture of it ASAP. For the time being, I own a brand new box and cartridge of this. What is its rarity ? Value ?


The box is orange and the cartridge is this one (I'm gonna check the game list) :






Do you know this developper "Fantastic Game / Marpes" ?


Best regards,



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Hi Thomas & welcome.

Interesting find in Saudi Arabia!!

These multi-switch cartridges from Fantastic Game / Marpes are relatively common in Europe, and IMO were largely released in Italy or Spain.

Nice that you found it boxed, but again not overly rare - but a photo of the box would reveal if by chance it is an unusual style.

Otherwise i'd say $15-$20.


Any other Atari items from Saudi?




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Hi Tom,


Thanks for you fast reply.


Here is the box, I find another one, it's the same but a bit damaged. I post here the front and back (with the game list) of the box. I'll post better quality picture in a latter time (scan) from a brand new box.

Let me know what you think about it ?

I get another box, I don't have time to tell you what it is yet, but this one is different (gray box), still Atari 2600 pirates compilation, I'll post latter.


Best regards,







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