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General nanoPEB Questions


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For those who do not have a NANO-PEB, I've uploaded a series of images of the unit taken assembled and dis-assembled from different angles.

It will give you an idea of what it really looks like.


Here is one example pic from the gallery...




If you want to view the full gallery << CLICK HERE >>

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Enjoy! :)

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The build quality is pretty naff to be honest. I gave mine away without ever plugging it in. Refused to take the risk! Still, they are very good value for what they are so kudos to the guy.


My luggage from Chicago was just delivered to the office, so either tonight if I make it up there or tomorrow I will take some pictures of my CF7+. Mine looks only slightly similar to what anyone else has presented so far, and it even surprised a few at the Faire.

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Here are snaps of my CF7+, minus the IDE/CF adapter, in their full resolution glory. Notice the workmanship on the soldering, in particular that the pin-through header for the cable to the console does not go all the way through the board.


No stacked chips here. Also, rather than a directly-attached expansion port connector is the header for a ribbon cable to an edge connector. I do not like the fact that the parallel and power ports are toward the front of the console on this unit.


I have a 4GB card in my device. Way over-kill. I will probably try to find a smaller card and use the 4GB for other things. Are there any considerations I should make for implementing a new card?



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Five new NanoPEB v1 (SIO, 9902 UART) w/2GB card on eBay




BTW, as an aside, I have found that CF cards are getting more and more difficult to find in regular retail. Apparently SD and MicroSD are getting to be the consumer card of choice and CF cards will be relegated to the photographer demographic. For those of us in the "retro" scene with still so many IDE-based CF projects, I have found several different SD-to-CF and MicroSD-to-CD adapters. I will be trying one out within the next couple of months and shall report on how well it works.

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Hi !

i purchased from Custodio Malilong some cards for the european TI99IUC's users, in the last order (december 2013) there was 6 cards




....but only three were working... : 2 have a black screen with long sound and 1 seems to start in the main screen but after freeze on the loading of the 1 volume.


so i remaining with 3 cards not-working. trying to contact custodio at his website's email (at now 4 email sended), i haven't got any answer...

therefore i refunded money to the three not-happy TI users but i would want try to resolve the problem with Custodio Malilong.


maybe someone know if something is happened ? ...


i would want send the cards back to him so he could check them to arrive to a solution..


some one have news or can help ?


thank you in advance.



PS: -------- EDIT ---


Otherwise, i found this european website that selling nanoPEB and CF7 Cards



maybe this site is connected with the original seller ? someone have tried to buy there ?

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....but only three were working... : 2 have a black screen with long sound and 1 seems to start in the main screen but after freeze on the loading of the 1 volume.





I have purchased my two nanoPEBs from Stargames, both of them had some minor defects.


I struck out three times. :(

Great concept, poor implementation (IMHO).

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I think it's problematic that a device that so many of us rely upon is not 'open source'. Would we be able to replicate a nanoPEB if Jamie Malilong stopped producing them?


Oh I think someone would come up with something, most of the knowledge is already out there. Considering that so many people have PC's and come to this board, I can envision an even lower cost device that would just basically be a 32K memory expansion with an HDX-type interface, everything else would be done on the PC. To the TI it would just look like drives 1-4 and a HD and a printer.


Power for the unit would come directly from the USB port. One side of the device would have a console connector, the other side a USB plug, that's it. Simple. I'd buy one in a second!

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