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New Vectrex Homebrew


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Just thought I'd pass this announcement along. There's a new homebrew for the Vectrex out called Bloxorz. Looks a lot like game I had for iOS whose name escapes me but I'm going to try this out because whatever that game was called it was fun.


Here's where you can download the game.


And here's a video:



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I'm not so convinced that everything would look better in vectors. Observe!


I would have done the Jersey Shore cast (who hasn't?) but there's not enough orange on the Vectrex to do justice to Snooki.


Use an overlay for the color. Have the cast in an orange block with green below, a layer of brown just above, then blue. It will be awesome.


As for the game, there are many variations and I think the PS1 even had one on a disc of mini's that the magazine used to give out. It's a classic.

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BTW, I published the first version of the cartridge board as open source hardware, in case someone wants to build his/her own game as well, but doesn't want to back and wait for the Kickstarter:

Otherwise you can still back my project, it is already 61% funded. I think the collector box looks really nice:
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