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we need a Vectrex Super Mario


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Tempest has already been done a couple of times on the Vectrex. Battle Zone was started and never finished. That's what I don't understand is how people want to remake or do their own versions of games that are already on Vectrex. Now, Centipede would be something that no one has done yet.


I'm not sure that the Vectrex is suited for platformers but I'd like for someone to prove me wrong. Its suited best for shooters. I think a Final Fight or Zelda type game would be more doable and enjoyable.


One concept that I haven't seen used often is how in Herc's Adventures you died and the game wasn't over.

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I have seen Centipede on the Vectrex.

It is an unfinished demo Easter Egg in one of John Dondzilla's games!


Ok, Vectrepede on Spike Hoppin. I own this game and had no idea that this game was there.


BTW Breakout is on Vecmania plus Micheal Borrman made one called Blocks.

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John donzali made "super spike world" which was unfinished, but the demo is included in the game of "space frenzy" which you can buy as his website, classicgamecreations.com. by the way its shutting down on the 31st of dec, so you'd better buy it quick!


I've got Space Frenzy (which is awesome), any idea how to get to the Super Spike World demo on it?

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There has been an attempt for a platform game called "stip". It was developed by Martijn Wenting from Revival Studios in the Netherlands. It look really nice, but since it uses 4 different overlays, the game would cost a lot, so it will probably never seen the light of day.




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I wouldn't mind a side scrolling port where your character has to avoid obstacles by jumping or ducking, etc...

No, not Mario..

But I think a port of this might work really well on the Vectrex:


Make the main character look like Spike and it's a marriage made in heaven.. ;-)



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