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I received my Bally Professional Arcade!


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Back from vacations... What I found waiting for me at home?












Well first thing first...

Let's grab a screwdriver and pop this baby open.


I heard something clingling inside... That's NOT good, especially after crossing the Atlantic Ocean. What can be damaged inside?





:grin: I wonder if it's just a random coin of if some kid slided a freshly minted new cent coin in back in 1982?


Well. It needed to be opened anyway. Dust, and one fat capacitor lead is broken. Also, the cooling system of the IC is just BULLSHIT.


It's one piece of metal sticked on the IC and linked to the RF shield with thermic paste.

The RF shield isn't firm enough and so the piece of metal doesn't keep on the IC. It's a total joke, and just carrying the system around will eventually make this piece slide, leading to two huge potential failures : either the IC fry up from overheating, or the piece make shortcut as it slide around on the PCB.




Well this need to be fixed. Probably some adhesive radiators will do.


Also, one other problem arise :


That some trouble too :-D

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Incredible Wizard and Galactic Invasion will hopefully give you hours of enjoyment.



I never went looking for any games on cassette, but I believe there were lots of cassette-based games developed that could be loaded via the BASIC cartridge cassette interface, and it looks like you've got the cart for that as well.


Good luck with it!

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I recently got mine from two guys who refurbish Arcadias. They were adamant about the unit needing cooling/ventilation. Apparently they've seen enough of them cook themselves if left on a flat surface.


If its on a flat surface, it should be fine. I have consoles with the RF shield and ones without, and all have been fine without the need of any additional cooling or ventilation. The ones that cooked on a flat surface where most likely "cooked" already. Its unfortunate, but I've seen it plenty of times.


Honestly, who didn't play with their console on the floor on the rug in the living room as a kid? I know I played my "Bally Computer System" model on one back in the day.


Unfortunately, the entire line of Bally/Astrocade consoles is like a box of chocolates.

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Really, if they can run without cooling... Adding a passive cooling system will only help them. But this flating piece of metal inside if just an incoming failure, if not on cooling, it will be elsewhere.


Anyway, my main concern now is the AC adapter :)

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