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Fandal's website down?


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Anybody out there knows more details?


I'm afraid the service is down. In the czech mailing lists Fandal wrote that he got an email from Atari Inc. that he is not allowed to operate the domain in that way.

In personal talks Fandal said that he is kind of tired to maintain the website anyway. Therefore after 9 years he got a pretty good reason to finally close the website. GAME OVER:



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Once again Atari?

But aren't and Atari is dead?

And if we get all some coins and invite them to go and visit the Meetings all over the world to see who are really Atari and Atarians!

It seems that we are alive and it should be us to have the property.

Like in many other things Life isn't really fair!

What a 'GREAT SHIT'!...

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I am very sorry about this! Fandal owned one of the best web sites dedicated to Atari 8-bit. Additionally, he is author of some great titles and he also served Atari community with modifications to some games with ease in mind. The problem might be the authorship to many Atari Inc. and other titles, but this could be solved in the way he could just remove download links to some titles. I don't know... if it is worth to just terminate such A GREAT SITE!!!



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I tried to write Frantisek an E-Mail, but alas the only E-Mail adress I knew from him is also gone. So here is what I wanted to write, maybe YOU-Frantisek find the time to read it here:


"Hello Frantisek,


in the last 3 or 4 days I could not reach your website, since this happened many times before I thought, let`s wait a while and all will be good again. Today I read at atari-age that your website will be down forever - I am shocked !! Is it true that you got an E-Mail from Atari Inc. regarding your webpage ?!?


What did Atari want - should you simply change the URL or did they also complain about copyright violation ?!? If the first thing would be true, you could simply change the URL from atari.fandal.cz into fandal.cz, but if the latter is true, well, I do not know what to say. Atari is being sold right now (once again) and still they have time to write such E-Mails ?!?


I fear that with the ending of your webpage your Atari 8bit activities will also come to an end. Or do you plan to continue your hobby and release your stuff at another webpage (e.g. atarionline.pl, if they did not get the same E-Mail from Atari inc.)...?!? All this makes me really sad...


Greetings, Andreas Koch."

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I only send mail to fandal some days ago because of some Atari related things and he was so kind that minutes later I got is answer.

Sure there's no need to send him a mail to that mail that was on the sites page because it seems to be his own site mail and many of you sure already had done it.

I hope that at least his health and all is good with him.

It's strange that only some days later of his Alien8 release and some updates he decided to give up, even if was Atari themselves that want that he close the site.

He, for sure, after so many years of A8 dedication he sure will says us something.

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Don't know if that is 'our Fandal'.

For years that if you write only fandal.cz you always get a humour photos or a cartoon. Don't know how many times per day or week there's a new one.

I posted here somewhere a humour photos dialogue between I discouver ocasionally just because I forgot to type atari. before, it was around 2010, I think...

It was Bill Gates and Steve Jobs seating and a dialogue between them.

Bill ask Jobs why he did ear why Jobs went to a bank to get some money.

Jobs with a great laugh answered that was the bank that wants money from him!...


At that time I usually visit that site just to smile a little bit but then the time pass and then less and less times untill I never remember to go there again. And the most is that years later and I never asked Fandal if he has something to do with this fandal.cz !

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If I want to quickly download some games I will go into AOnline because no need to waste time opening zips.

But there and for the same game there's most of the times different versions, cracked and not cracked, atrs and xexs,...

Because of no information I usually end up wasting more time trying to load them in Altirra, Atari800WinPlus, changing seetings,... when at Fandal I can see the authors and all the game information.

At Fandal it can be only one version of each game or demo but I know "How To" and extracting just one zip isn't all that bad.

I never did a real VS between Fandal and AtariMania but even the two having information and AtariMania is so complete with lots of information including authors, scans and usually more than just one screen per program Fandal has more number, I think (at least on the demos side).

I learned that he only does the update once per each day at exactly Midnight Czech/Central Europe time so there I was all nights one minute after.

Sometimes I think that my computer and mobile phone just know it is time to go into Fandal's page and don't need me for nothing.


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No, it can't be this way... Fandal's webpage is one of the most important sites for Atari community!


Fandal, if it is a problem with contemporary Atari company - I can offer the server space for your website and will take full responsibility for any contents inside. If domain name is a problem - I can offer sub-domain like "fandal.atarionline.pl" or whatever you wish.

If you are demotivated to keep your brilliant Atari site alive or just temporarily or permanently burnt-out, it is still worth to keep access to your amazing database! Don't abandon you child, just let us use it and - maybe - develop. Please think about. You know my email, as we're emailing for years. I tried to write you the same today's morning, however your email @fandal.cz seems to be not available (anymore?).


Greets, Kaz/AtariOnline.pl

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But Kaz aren't you afraid of Atari using their billions of dollars to get lawyers to sue you and your entire country out of existence?

Um... aren't you afraid of Atari using their millions of dollars to get lawyers to sue you for every penny you have now and forever?

Er... aren't you afraid of Atari using their thousands of dollars to get lawyers to sue you for a couple hundred bucks and a bottle of beer?

Uh... aren't you afraid of Atari using the change they find in the break room couch to get a couple of guys to glare at you?

Nah, me neither.

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Well, if he's really done.. And hes not gonna put it back up.. Why not just have him burn the whole thing on a DVD and sell it (for a small media/shipping fee) through ABBUC store, or one of the other vendors..


Failing that (if atari wants to be bitches and complain) just put the .ISO on a torrent, and tell them to go to hell..

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