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Star Castle Arcade - Beta Release

Thomas Jentzsch

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icon_idea.gif The rings only repair when you kill the last segment of the outer ring (see manual, page 4). Then the middle ring is moved to the outer ring, the inner ring to the middle ring and a new inner ring is created.


So keep at least one segment of the outer ring intact. Then you can create big holes in the inner and middle rings and kill the gun.


BTW: The arcade version is even harder. Especially the difficulty ramp up is very fast and the game becomes extremely hard very soon.

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This is one of the hardest games I have ever played.

At first I got so frustrated, that I wanted to throw the Atari through the window :D

But then I watched some gameplay from the arcade version, and noticed the bouncing trick.

I have gotten to the third castle, but that's as far as I get.


As soon as I make a hole in the inner ring, and try to fly behind him, it either repairs itself, or I hit a missile :skull:

Is there a way to keep the rings from repairing themselves, or am I just to damn slow?

Kinda wish there was a VERY easy mode as well. Got my switches at B position, but it's still brutal :D


Impressive game :thumbsup:

YEah it's tough as nails. Just getting past the first castle is rewarding. More often than not I become a sitting duck. A lot of times my shot defeating the Star Castle comes as it takes out my ship with a plasma ball. You do still advance to the next round even if you lose a ship taking out the Star Castle.


Somebody told me the trick is to slid my ship sideways and take a shot as the window opens. The plasma ball will narrowly miss the ship if you are side-stepping, but easier said than done.

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I've played this in emulation many times. I just bought the cartridge.


When I played the cart on my light sixer, instead of bounce off the rings, I blow up. Is this a difficulty setting I am unaware of?



It appears my six switcher is stuck on hard difficulty. Time to take it apart and get out the multi-meter.



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