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New Flash MegaCart by BigBen available....


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Hello to all. ;-)


Some of you probably aware the existence of 512Kbyte Flash Megacart from BigBen German member here. This was a very good cartridge surrounded by very good software also.

Today and after 3 years, the same member made a new bigger Super cartridge, who named 4 Mbyte Flash Megacart.




This cartridge have several uses as to backup - restore files, or write floppy disks and after boot directly from it, or load a huge amount of games on its flash memory! :thumbsup:

Especially for this last, Marcin friend of BigBen write a program Suite in java, which run directly from any PC.

Through this, someone can choose games they would like with any alphabetical order, and with the title (until 33 characters) for each one that he prefers. After the Suite make the final *.ATR file who is ready to run on your real Atari and flash your MegaCart device.

Also before this and through the Suite program, you can try the games on an emulator as to check any incompatibilities. ;) :grin:


The total cartridge memory need about 17 minutes to flash.

The files who supported from the Suite is *.com *.exe *.xex and *.rom extensions. As for the *.rom, 8Kb & 16Kb supported, but the 8Kb file use all the 16Kb memory bank.


Because of my minimal participation on this project, BigBen allowed me to make some (18) pieces from it, as to make it available here on AtariAge. After the last one, they will be again available from him..... I suppose. :_(

Cost for each one is 46 euro, including shipping and handling cost to anywhere in the world, a track number, and the Paypal fees. (If you subtract the rest, then the cost only for cartridge is 37 euro.)


Please send me a pm if you are interested. Priority will be held until the last cartridge.


Thank you all. :cool:




MegaCart module hardware, Atari loader, and backup/restore software by Bernd Herale.


MegaCart Suite windows software by Marcin Sochacki.


Diskcart and Diskwrite software, is courtesy and © of Matthias Reichl. Thank him very much for its great software, and his kindly permission to be available to the public at the main site. :) :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Label design and make by Holger Bommer.


And last the printed circuit board was designed by me. :grin:






Carts 2


PCB Front

PCB Back

PCB Complete

New Pcb

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Guys a last-minute information.

From the now on orders please add on shipment plus 3 euros, because today who I go to post office to send the first parcels, I had a big surprise!!! :-oWith any previous info the Greek post offices decide to integrate any weight lower from 0.5kg to this class automatically. :mad:This means 9 euro total for registered parcels.

Also they have not correct this until now on its site price catalogue!!!


Sorry for this inconvenience my friends. :(

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I'm sorry for being dense, but how is the cart programmed by the user, i.e., an ATR transferred from the PC to the cartridge? Or is this is already pre-configured with software? (if so, woo hoo!)


Please look above...




For now via the Suite program you can add *.com, *.exe, *.xex, and *.rom files as to make a game list. After this, Suite make an executable *.atr file who you can load it on a SIO2SD device -for example- and flash the Cartridge.


If you want to use your cartridge to save and load floppy disks, then another program from Mr. Matthias Reichl take place.

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Marius, probably has to do with the way which the programmer flash the file in memory of cartridge. This is in 16Kb steps. Maybe later Bernd work with it and finally fix it.

As I know, also in the first 512Kb Megacart loader work like this.

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