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Atari Trak 10

Cassidy Nolen

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Just some neat shots of my latest resto. It is the second version, built in July of 1974. Gran Trak was the bigger, garish cabinet. This is the subdued 'cabaret' (they didn't call them that back then) sized one. I recently got it back out of storage and had the board repaired, monitor recapped and cabinet refinished. Great looking little game. Not many folks spend much time to make a classic tick but this one plays great with an overhauled steering assembly. You can really feel the game playing as it should. The one at the PHOF in Vegas is not anywhere near this level.


Neat picture of the monitor on as well.



One kind of cool picture, while I was diagnosing an image wave, I isolated the monitor by using a Playstation composite output. Showed the wave was NOT present and therefore on the PCB. Cool to see the Need For Speed game playing on a 40 year old monitor.






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Use your oldest and rattiest RCA cord, cut it in half. Connect the center wire to the video + pin (usually Pin 1 on the old Motorolas) and the casing wire to video - (usually Pin 2). Voila. Works the other way too, on an old tv.

Sprint 2 is a great game, had one but couldn't get it through the door into my office years ago...even with the CP off!


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Thanks for sharing the pics, love the lit up instruction area on the bezel. As far as differences, it's not just cabinet size but also design. Trak 10 is what Al was brought out of sabbatical to do, redesigning the Gran Trak board to eliminate the National Semiconductor chips and other changes from the original Cyan designed game. There was a much smaller run done of Gran Traks than Trak 10s.


Btw, who did the board repair?

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