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Interest Check - Desert Bus 2600


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Looking pretty good so far guys/gals.


We gave have 10 tentatively interested in the cart and 5 in the boxed.


Here's the lists:




1. Atari2500Lives

2. kennybrooks

3. mkiker2089

4. classiccollector

5. BadHornet

6. luciferhalo (possible on price)

7. Necron99

8. UberArcade

9. ataricolltr

10. toymailman


Boxed edition:

1. bfstats

2. Geondp

3. atari181

4. toymailman






Pal- Fr0st

Europe - Meyler : PM me with where you're hailing from and I'll hit the USPS to find out shipping costs and adjust the price for you.


Thanks guys! Happy this has some interest.


Also, just as an update, we should have labels by this weekend. So we'll be shooting some finished photos of a few labeled dev carts then. I'll post them when we do.

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Definitely interested but an actual purchase from me is subject to how fat my wallet is upon release :P

I wanted to write about it for my website but I see the rom isn't available, so I'll just write a little tidbit on there that it exists and hopefully that'll help drive a little more interest for the game :P


Edit: Made a post about it to my website. If there's anything else you'd like mentioned about the game I'll be happy to amend it. :)

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Well responses have been great so far guys. We're almost at 30 games (20 -ish carts + 10-ish boxed carts)


We've also got something else pretty cool in store when we get closer to productio in a few weeks. We're also expecting the finished labels this Saturday so well probably do some cart shots then.

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