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ColecoVision Mockups War!


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Here are some examples of mockups to motivate some people.



and also this example too


I really going for SNES with this one and their busy 8x8 tiled background.

These above don't count. Nope, not submitting them. Yep.. Are you feeling motivated yet? Then fire up that ICVGM and SPRITE CV and let's get started. \^_^/.

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My first mock-up...and comparison between the original game on C64 and the Coleco Vision version to come...




So far, got one comment from Kiwi that I should explore other video mode (than Mode I).


Hopefully I could improve these current mock-up which are currently: Rev. A! ;)

more screen shots on: http://superdoriath.blogspot.ca/2013/08/doriath-on-colecovision-mockup-iv.html




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Does the Castlevania is from MSX or a NES conversion?

Both Castlevania images are reimaginings of screens in Vampire Killer on MSX.



Does Eduardo is still interested to make Castlevania?

Who is this "Eduardo" you speak of? :P



I really prefer your Zelda design over the one I did!

Thanks. :)

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Seeing Pixelboy's mock-up. I give up LOL. They are SUPER awesome!!! I love the Castlevania's Vampire Killer's colorful background. It's very detail and you can tell which is background and foreground while the sprites are darker and easily can be viewed. It really fit this game quite well.

Also the cool Coleco VFD games looks great.

And of course the wonderful Donkey Kong level mock-ups. I really want to play these new levels. :thumbsup:

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Megaman? Oh god!!! That reminds me that I have made mega stuff before this thread came up! Thank you for the reminder!!!



I was going to make a port of this game, but lost interest.


I made a small tile version of Woodman stage for fun.

Actually I should work on a mock-up of my favorite flash game that is a work in progress.

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