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VBXE core pack for VBXE 1.x, 2.x users


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I was curious too, and found this in the programming documentation, in the last section titled "History":


Version 1.26
• bugfix in blitter: ZOOM'ing while copying in X axis didn't work properly.
• Fixed emulation of BASIC GR.11 (GTIA MODE) – now luminance of %0000 pixel
value is correct.
• Change in XCOLOR bit (VIDEO_CONTROL register of FX core) operation – now
when SET, ANTIC HIRES pixels not only have bacground indenpedent colors, but
also have priority of PF1 color as in any other ANTIC GFX mode (GTIA priority
registers can be used as normal).
• Change in handling of priority of OVERLAY-GTIA. Now, if any of GTIA generated
colors overlaps, and for any of them PRIORITY was set to override with OVERLAY,
OVERLAY pixel will be displayed, compared to OVERLAY logically OR'ed with GTIA
as it was in 1.24 core and older. Situation like this can have place if GTIA PRIOR
register will have value 0, and some PF/PMG colors will overlap.
• Change in priority registers – main one and these loaded with XDL/color map. Now
6th bit chooses priority of colors PF2 and PF3, and 7th bit changes priority for
COLBAK (ie to hide OVERLAY behind COLBAK).
• In GTIA-only cores PAL-BLENDING was added.
• In GTIA-only cores is now possible to change palette to user defined one – no more
issues with personal preferences or dislikes to default palette (LAOO.ACT). Please
reffer to FX section on how to change palette (Palette 0).

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