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New Game: Assembloids 2600


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Yes, the retro-hall was pretty relaxed in comparison to the modern madness in the other ones...

MANY people either held the sticks the wrong direction (in particular the competition pros) or kept the stick standing there, touched it and were puzzled when it fell over ;-)

It was great fun - all ages and sexes seemed to have enjoyed it.

(and I was lucky I implemented a nice title tune as it was very audible throughout our area :)


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In fact several people also asked if those CONSOLES are available somewhere ;-)

And a short footage of a successful player:


Albert: Many non-german people around, in particular on Saturday/Sunday naturally.

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Another Exhibition in germany: the ClassicComputing.

Focus is on vintage hardware but people enjoyed some rounds of Assembloids anyway ;-)


(Yes, on Supercharger as well! :-)

The labels/manuals are privately printed and will soon be available from the Atariage shop ;=)





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Great! I like the game alot on the C64, so i am happy that there is a Atari VCS-2600 version too.


One question. There is no PAL60 version to choose from. So i suppose, the PAL-version is speed-adjusted? And how is it with the black borders? Or means PAL-version here PAL60?

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we produced two independent binaries for PAL and NTSC.

Of course we tuned the game timer speed to the 60 or 50 Hz ;-)

But we also chose a set of colors that we liked most for each video system.

I.e. the PAL screen has a blue theme.

There is no black letter box either since for PAL the playfield as such is stretched. The game is FULL SCREEN in


I attach a few emulation shots for PAL and below you see a short clip of someone playing the game (quite good) in PAL:


Cheers :)




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McCallister sent me some video footage of one of his plays:

Thanks alot :)

That is pretty amazing and hopefully an inspiration to others.

At such high scores the creatures 'cycle' through. So I only show the part when his game ends and no later creatures are revealed.

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And its true: 'chicks' really dig this ;-)


I can confirm this. Puzzle games are always like a magnet for my former girlfriends. "Bust a move (Puzzle Bobble)", "Dr. Mario", "Tetris", "Puyo Puyo" and this game here also. But i must confess, i also like the most of these games alot. :)

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