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New Game: Assembloids 2600


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Someone asked me elsewhere, so I just post it here as well.

This is the code snippet responsible for the speed up of the game:

  jsr get_new_tile ;and reset timer  
  inc tiles  ;count tiles for numerous reasons
  lda tiles  ;only speed up every 2nd time
  bcc no_speedup
  ldx game_mode
  lda tempo
  adc diff_table,x ;speedup
  sta tempo
  bcc no_speedup ;saturate maximum speed
  lda #$f0
  sta tempo


As you can see, at least in theory you could enter a ZEN mode :)

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Like we did in the past, we auction our recent game for the Atari 2600 for charity.
100% of the highest bid will go to the German division of 'doctors without borders'.

Any costs for ebay, paypal or shipping within Germany will be covered by us.
It is the fully boxed and signed version of 'Assembloids 2600' (PAL!) for the VCS from AtariAge and we add an
Atari savekey as well.

We donate our game in the hope to generate some additional value for a good deed with our work.
Doctors without borders always gets top ratings and we want to support their great work.
Any amount helps.

You find the auction and more detauls on the game here:

We welcome any involvement.

Best wishes,
Martin Wendt, Sven Ruthner & the PriorArt team

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That would be great... I only collect homebrews for one system (not the 2600) and have limited space, but I have harmony and other SD carts and would love to compensate creators for their work... However it seems only Commodore 64, and to some extent Intellivision, homebrew roms are offered for sale... Don't see this with 2600 and colecovision (though it's nice most 7800 and 8-bit homebrew roms are free).

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